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We don’t get to talk about mysterious cars all that often. With cars and motorcycles, there is no shortage of rare and downright obscure models and builders, but it isn’t common to find a car no one knows who built. That is exactly what’s happening with this mysterious blue barn find car that popped up on a Texas Craigslist post. Currently, no one has been able to identify this vintage barn find. 

Mystery car has no maker

Mystery Car grille
Mystery Car front end | Undiscovered Classics

Silodrome said this little blue mystery popped up on Craigslist in Houston, TX. The car has no maker markings, names, or any other identifying information. The listing offered no help in identifying it either. It only says the car “needs restoration.” You don’t say? 

Many of y’all, like myself, might have the knee-jerk reaction of “I know that car!” but if you take a few beats to really examine the car, whatever detail you think you recognize isn’t consistent in other parts of the car. It’s almost like the cars in Grand Theft Auto; from one angle, it might look exactly like a Dodge Charger, but from another angle, it looks like a Cadillac. 

What do we know about the mystery car?

rear end of the mystery car
Mystery Car | Undiscovered Classics

It seems like the car was built sometime in the 1950s-1960s. Based on the styling cues, it looks like many different cars from this period. It is a steel-bodied car based on the rust we see. The alternative would have been a fiberglass body. If it were fiberglass, we might assume it was some kit car or somesuch. The fact that it is a steel car makes things more interesting. It is also clearly a roadster, which also adds to the confusion. 

Apparently, many people initially thought it might be a Triumph TR car. However, the car is just too big for that series of cars. Another popular guess was a mid-’50s Ford Thunderbird because of the footprint of the rear tire carrier. It also has late-’50s Ford-style fins over the taillights. 

However, the front fascia/grille is where all these theories die. This doesn’t track with any of the other details. 

Honestly, the best guess is that this is a one-off coachbuilt car or a long-forgotten prototype. Your guess is as good as ours. 

How will we ever figure it out?

unknown car sitting in a field
Mystery car | Undiscovered Classics

While this mystery car barn find doesn’t give us much information to go off, the real pros at Undiscovered Classics are on the case. The site is dedicated to sniffing out the origins of impossibly rare and obscure cars whose history could be all but lost to history. 

We will continue to monitor UC’s findings if there are any. Maybe we will learn the origins of this fascinating car.