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Barn finds get 10x more exciting in drier places. Water and cars don’t mix well. This is why places like California and Arizona are great places to hunt for classic car barn finds. These two 1967 Ford Mustang fastback barn finds only go to prove the point further. These two incredibly cool cars were found under tarps with nearly zero rust after nearly four decades. 

This old barn is a very typical location for a barn find
Old barn | Wikimedia Commons

A pair of barn find Ford Mustang Fastbacks

While these two cars share the same year and model and were also originally the same color, they are actually quite different. MotorTrend explains that these two drool-worthy Mustangs, while both very cool, have drastically different powertrains. 

Both cars (pictured here) started off in Springtime Yellow. The now red one still has its original 390 ci V8 paired with the four-speed transmission. The yellow/primer one comes with a 289ci with a C4 auto trans. While that is a slightly less exciting motor and transmission, it has a deluxe interior with factory air. Ultimately, these cars are a bit rough, but considering the fact that they both still exist without much rust and still have their original car tags, it is pretty amazing. 

Which barn find would you pick?

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback barn find in yellow
1967 Ford Mustang fastback | Wikimedia Commons

The red Mustang is mostly solid, minus the trunk lid and rear bumper. However, the semi-stripped yellow/primer C-code Mustang fastback will require some body work to get pretty again. MotorTrend notes that although the C-code car has a bit of a tear in the floor of the trunk, there are no signs of rust. The only other body issue is that the C-code car got a replacement driver door somewhere along the way. However, the original door was located nearby. 

The owner of the two cars asked that the location of these magical barn finds remain undisclosed. However, there is no doubt that as soon as he changes his mind, a slew of people will likely be ready to pounce. 

How much is a 1967 Ford Mustang fastback worth? 

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 on a trailer
1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 | Wikimedia Commons

Not all Mustangs were created equally. The way muscle car values work is not so different than most other collectibles—the more rare features and performance options they have, the better. Condition is the only thing that can trump a rare feature or performance option. 

Barn finds are interesting examples of a certain type of collectible that allows for more room to for value as an unrestored example than some fully restored cars. The appeal is that you have an undisturbed original (or at least mostly original) example. These two barn find mustangs offer builders and collectors a bit of a story. Again, barn finds are a special grey area of collectible items. 

Barn finds aside; the fastback option is a rarer and far more ought after configuration than the normal squared-off roof models. But even in the realm of fastback Mustangs, trim levels can dictate a wide range of values. Values for these cars range tremendously. Price ranges top out in the millions. However, most versions will sit between the $50,000-$100,000.


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