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Barn finds always get our blood pressure up around here. The thought of wrestling a barn door open, warped with age, to find priceless classic muscle cars wreathed in dust is more than Christmas morning excitement; it’s closer to finding a pirate’s treasure stash long forgotten. This new Youtube barn find video is one of the coolest we have ever seen. Enjoy. 

What did this Youtuber uncover in the warehouse? 

HotCars reports that the Raul Burgos YouTube channel adventured days before Christmas to find an incredible warehouse full of a host of original low-mileage muscle cars beautifully caked in grime. 

Before our host and junk tour guide finds his way to the good stuff, he walks through a field of rusted-out Mustangs, Chargers, and many other indistinguishable husks of 60s and 70s sleds. 

“Don’t Tell me. What is it?!?!” 

Barn find Mustangs
Barn find Mustangs | Raul Burgos

Off camera, our host’s partner disappears into a white warehouse, and we hear the host excitedly inquire about what he found. 

Once they walk into the warehouse, we see what all barn find hunters hope for, a smattering of well-preserved muscle cars sitting on flat tires. Two of the more exciting models are a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible, one of only 963 examples made that year, and a 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429, one of only 859 made that year, according to HotCars. 

Even more amazingly, the Boss 429 has a handwritten sign on it describing it as an “all original 35,000-mile car. If this sign is telling the truth, this is quite a valuable car indeed. We don’t get quite as good of a look at the Challenger, but the R/T badging (if real) suggests we are looking at a pretty special car. The real question is if it is a true Hemi car or not. Given their rarity, it is unlikely, but then again, it’s sitting next to what looks like a real Boss 429. 

There is more than just those two muscle cars 

Mustang Boss 429 barn find
Mustang Boss 429 | Raul Burgos

The Challenger and Boss 429 are the clear standouts in the barn find collection. However, there are still some others inside that, on their own, would make for a pretty exciting find. 

There are various other Mustangs in various states of repair. One next to the Boss is a killer louvered fastback mustang that looks like a late 60s models. There is a killer Plymouth GTX guarding the door. Next to that are some ’70s mustangs, including what looks like a Mach1 and even a first-gen GTO. 

What will happen to these cars? 

The worst part about most barn find videos is that these cars are either spoken for or, in this case, we know so little information about the situation that they might as well be ghosts. The man behind the camera only says they are at a “customer’s place.” 

Let’s hope either the owner has plans for these muscle car barn finds or that the owner has found a buyer to get them back right.