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Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May attend a screening of 'The Grand Tour' season 3 car show.
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Filming Again: Top Gear, the Grand Tour, and CarTrek Car Show Developments

Many entertainment projects have been delayed as a consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, including a car show or three. It has taken some adjustment on the part of production teams to find ways to keep moving forward safely. For some movies or car shows, it is not just a matter of rescheduling delivery of …
A red Ford Bronco quad cab pickup with two rear axles.

Are You Ready For a 6×6 Ford Bronco Pickup?

The 2021 Ford Bronco launched just a few days ago, on Monday. It is the return of an offroad legend for the Ford brand. However, as many in the automotive industry do, some have taken to creating renderings of what they believe is the next-level in customization for the Bronco. So, on Tuesday, Saleen posted a rendering of their 2021 …
A yellow car is on a launchpad in preperation for space travel
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Mission: Launch Car Into Space Using Dynamite, What Could Go Wrong

Launching anything into space is an extremely intense operation. A company can not just build something and arbitrarily launch it in a direction. A lot of coordination with NASA and other global space agencies has to happen to ensure that any such undertaking does not interfere with anything already in orbit. But, if you are …
Slot Cars on Track in London
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Historic Race Track Hosts World-Record-Setting Slot Car Race

Virtual racing has been all the rage since the world went into lockdown over the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, for weeks all the major racing series have had their races and schedules suspended. In the meantime, many of those major racing series have taken to televised virtual racing with the actual star drivers manning their various …
A C8 Corvette Stingray on display during a reveal event
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Car Trek Youtube Car Show Is Very Top Gear-ish

For those of you that do not already know, there is a new episodic automotive show that recently launched. It is called Car Trek. It is on Youtube. Watch it.  The premise of this first season of shows is the new 2020 C8 Corvette base price of $60,000. The three hosts each have to find exotic alternatives to the new Corvette …
The Gymkhana Files teaser
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The Best Amazon Prime Car Shows That Aren’t the Grand Tour

Netflix isn’t the only streaming service with automotive programming. After ‘leaving’ Top Gear, Clarkson, Hammond, and May attempted to recreate their formula on Amazon Prime in the form of The Grand Tour. And while the show is now in its 4th season, it’s safe to say their pseudo-juvenile recipe has gotten a little…stale. Exhibit 1: …
Top Gear Live
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When Does the New Top Gear USA Come Back?

Fans of Top Gear may be excited to learn that the American version of this iconic show will be returning this fall. MotorTrend announced in August that it was in the process of casting for Top Gear USA. In the meantime, the MotorTrend streaming service has seasons 2 through 25 of Top Gear UK and …
The Stig from Top Gear UK
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Where Can You Watch Top Gear Online?

With over 25 seasons under its belt, Top Gear is one of the most iconic auto enthusiast shows on television. Although it’s gone through numerous transitions, had multiple sets of hosts, and gotten a few spinoffs, Top Gear as a franchise remains popular—it has a worldwide audience of about 350 million people. If you’re one …
The Stig from Top Gear UK
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Who Are the Current Hosts of Top Gear UK?

Top Gear is back and better than ever, or so the BBC hopes. Top Gear is a British television series that includes car reviews, challenges, races, and celebrity timed laps. The show was originally conceived by Jeremy Clarkson, who served as a long-time host on the show. Clarkson was ingloriously fired after punching an Irish …
BBC Top Gear's The Stig
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Has Top Gear UK Been Cancelled?

There is no doubt that Top Gear has faced a fair amount of drama and a ratings slump over the last several seasons.  This series of events has left fans asking, will Top Gear return for another season? The answer is yes, but the show is making big changes to try to rectify some of …