Filming Again: Top Gear, the Grand Tour, and CarTrek Car Show Developments

Many entertainment projects have been delayed as a consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, including a car show or three. It has taken some adjustment on the part of production teams to find ways to keep moving forward safely. For some movies or car shows, it is not just a matter of rescheduling delivery of movie cars, or dusting off camera equipment. Instead, it is a massive undertaking with multiple camera, sound, and lighting technicians reworking how they put things together so that car show presenters or cinematographers can capture everything they want while still adhering to new safety protocols. But, as is said, the show must go on, or in this case, the car show must go on. So, what is the latest on Top Gear, The Grand Tour, and CarTrek?

The Top Gear show just dropped a trailer

Top Gear has begun putting together its 29th season. Fortunately, a glimpse into British motoring show’s newest season has recently been published. It opens impressively into an upright driving arena and then continues with other intriguing quick shots of the antics the hosts will go through for the viewer’s benefits. Sadly, no definite date has been identified for the return of the show. There is only a mention to say, “Top Gear Series 29… coming soon to BBC One and BBC iPlayer”

The Grand Tour car show

The three hosts of the Grand Tour show, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May signed with Amazon Prime to deliver the episodes depicting the three of them on epic adventures for the fourth season. However, since so much traveling is required to complete each episode, the shows grand adventures have had to wait until travel restrictions are conducive for them and their teams. Instead, they put one episode out just before the COVID lockdowns took effect and were left in limbo for the rest of the season. Fortunately, they had enough material for the second episode already filmed. Together with their producers, they managed to cobble together a finished second episode, which is awaiting release by Amazon. Sadly, the only indication we have about the release of the newest special is from a tweet by Mr. Clarkson which states, “later this year” 

CarTrek car show

CarTrek is a show with Youtube celebrities, Tyler Hoover, Freddy Hernandez, and Ed Bolian. The three came together to put on their own car show that has some Top Gear flavor to it. The inaugural season is posted on the Tavarish channel. Each episode garnered enough attention that they went back to produce a second season, which has now completed filming. The release of the new season was discussed in a Facebook Live post by Mr. Hoover, where he made mention that he expected the season to start in September, which is running out. His comment can be found at the 4:55 mark in the video below.

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Car shows are great entertainment diversions. Sadly, many of them on television have been on reruns during the pandemic lockdown. So, it is great to see that people are figuring out a way to keep moving forward with producing car-related material despite COVID-19. It is also exciting that we will soon see fresh episodes from Top Gear, The Grand Tour, and CarTrek. I will get the popcorn.