Car Trek Youtube Car Show Is Very Top Gear-ish

For those of you that do not already know, there is a new episodic automotive show that recently launched. It is called Car Trek. It is on Youtube. Watch it. 

The premise of this first season of shows is the new 2020 C8 Corvette base price of $60,000. The three hosts each have to find exotic alternatives to the new Corvette for the same price point. Then, they travel to different locations and test the vehicles they chose.

The three hosts each have their own interesting background, as well as their own Youtube channels. But, they are friends and have collaborated with each other in different videos over the years. So, it seemed natural that when one of them had an idea for a show, he quickly asked the others to be a part of it. Shortly thereafter, a sponsor stepped up to produce the car-based show. That’s how Car Trek was born. 

The three hosts are Ed Bolian, Freddy Hernandez, and Tyler Hoover. The show is on Freddy’s Youtube channel. The first episode is linked below.

Ed Bolian 

Ed Bolian used to sell high-end vehicles and has a distinguished clientele list that has included celebrities. He also was heavily involved with the creation of the Vinwiki an app, an app that tracks the history of vehicles based on their vin number. He is also a former Cannonballer, having previously set a record in the cross-country race. He is very money savvy and is known as a shrewd negotiator with no mechanical experience. His Youtube channel is called Vinwiki.

Freddy “Tavarish” Hernandez

Tavarish is the only real wrencher of the three hosts. This comes from the fact that he has a penchant for picking cars that need repairs, lots of repairs. Viewers follow his defeats and triumphs as he repairs the vehicles. His Youtube channel is the one airing the episodes. His Youtube channel is called, Tavarish.

Tyler Hoover

Tyler Hoover is a car sales professional with limited wrenching ability. He formerly had his own dealership. Even though he still buys and sells cars, he gives the impression that he is not good at it. It is a regular thing for him to sink more money into his cars than they are worth, for the benefit of his Youtube viewers. He was also the host of the cable television show, Car Issues, that aired last year on the FYI network. His Youtube channel is called, Hoovie’s Garage, where he often opens by welcoming people to the dumbest automotive Youtube channel.

Car Trek Intro from Episode 1
Hosts Ed Bolian, Tyler Hoovie, and Freddy Hernandez of the Car Trek Youtube show

If the concept of three automotive friends getting together for shared fun (and pain) as they travel to different destinations sounds familiar, that is because it is familiar. Top Gear on the BBC is obviously the inspiration for the new Car Trek. While Top Gear USA only had a brief appearance a few years ago, there really has not been any fun, quirky equivalent car show in the United States of the same vein. 

The show is in its first season. Six episodes have been uploaded so far. More are forthcoming. If the camaraderie between the hosts is any indication, they will find a way to make another season as well if a sponsor steps up. It also helps that each of the current shows, except one, so far has garnered over one million views. So, a second season is likely. 

During this time of pandemic quarantine, this show is a fun escape from boredom. Jump into it, and you will soon find yourself wondering what exotic you would get with a $60,000 requirement instead of a new C8 Corvette. In the meantime, you can live vicariously through the hosts’s lives in the episodes of the show.