Mission: Launch Car Into Space Using Dynamite, What Could Go Wrong

Launching anything into space is an extremely intense operation. A company can not just build something and arbitrarily launch it in a direction. A lot of coordination with NASA and other global space agencies has to happen to ensure that any such undertaking does not interfere with anything already in orbit. But, if you are a couple of car enthusiasts with an old car and a bunch of dynamite, you could just throw caution to the wind and see how bad things could really get, like two Finnish gentlemen in a recent Youtube video.

Beyond the Press Youtube channel used a tractor to load a yellow car onto a makeshift launchpad.
A team from Beyond The Press Youtube channel prepared a vehicle for launch into space | Beyond the Press via Youtube

The Youtube channel, Beyond the Press, has a channel trailer with the caption, “amazingly stupid action”. Yes, it may be amazingly stupid, but this video was actually entertaining too. The video follows two friends that have acquired and prepped a car for pizza delivery service to the Andromeda galaxy. They suspect the car will reach its destination in seven days. 

Youtube Mission preparation

An unknown car in the video is outfitted with wings, a stabilizer, and what looks like a yellow wrap that covers all the seams on the vehicle. There are also thrusters on each side of the vehicle. This car is supposed be the launch vehicle for the Finnish Space Program… or just something to blow up. 

The hosts of the video explain that 70 kilos of dynamite (155 pounds) have been brought in for the pizza shuttle’s take off. The video then shifts to show an excavator in the forest clearing out a launch pad area. The dynamite is then buried in the hole. The car is set in place on top of wooden palettes over the dynamite in preparation for the launch, and of course, there is a countdown. Cameras in different angles catch what happened next. You can watch the video below.

Mission report

The mission went about as expected. Much to the delight of viewers, multiple camera angles covered the… launch. When the countdown reach zero, the car was quickly enveloped with smoke and fire. Debris flew everywhere.

This is, of course, not the first time people tried to send a car into space. Elon Musk successfully launched his Tesla Roadster into space. Also, the hosting trio of Clarkson, Hammond, and May of the motoring show, Top Gear, made their own space shuttle wannabe.  They used a Reliant Robin as their shuttle. It was actually launched from a military base. That video is below. 


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Mission Take-aways

Do not try any of this at home. Also, if anybody is planning on launching anything into space, hire the rocket scientists to figure it out. They have the experience and the knowledge on how to do it successfully, and safely. Additionally, nobody wants to accidentally start World War Three by launching a missile looking thing across a border somewhere. 

Flying cars have been on people’s minds for decades. Even the cartoon, the Jetsons, showed Mr. Jetson using his flying car for travel. Although attempts to make flying cars have been introduced through the ages. No company has mastered them yet. So, the thought of the next step, a space car, is way beyond what should be expected at this early stage. But, the attempts are at least entertaining.