Voyage has partnered with FCA to build self-driving minivans
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Self-Driving Cars Could Be Coronavirus-Killers

Since the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, the auto industry has worked to find new ways to increase customer confidence. But rideshare companies like Uber Technologies and Lyft have had a uniquely challenging time. Commuters have steered clear of rideshares amid the pandemic, but self-driving car startups are trying to keep business afloat. Two self-driving car startups making big moves Voyage …

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Amazon Makes Zoox a Prime Member

It’s no secret that Amazon is at the forefront of just about everything when it comes to consumerism and now it will be headed into a new space when it completes the acquisition of Zoox, a self-driving car startup company. And while Amazon has had its hand in other autonomous acquisitions and undertaking as of …