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There’s certainly no shortage of hesitation when it comes to self-driving cars. However, the technology is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace as of late. Though it may seem like a relatively new thing from the public perspective, self-driving cars have spent years and years in development. Cities throughout the U.S. continue to approve companies using self-driving vehicles. Most recently, Argo AI self-driving cars hit the road in Austin, Texas, and Miami, Florida.

Argo AI now has full self-driving cars in these two busy cities

An Argo AI full self-driving taxi and delivery Ford Escape on public roads in Austin, Texas
Argo AI driverless Ford Escape | Argo AI

According to Fox Business, Argo AI now has ride-hailing services testing in Miami, Florida, and Austin, Texas. Don’t get too excited just yet. Currently, the vehicles on roads in these cities are reserved for Argo AI employees as they continue to develop and perfect the systems.

“We’ll integrate driverless into commercial operations at the appropriate time,” an Argo AI spokesperson told Reuters.

That being said, Argo AI self-driving cars are hailing some rides in certain parts of Miami via a partnership with rideshare company Lyft. However, those vehicles still have a human safety monitor behind the wheel for the time being.

This is a big step for the company, as it sets a precedent for future expansion into different cities with its advanced self-driving technology.

“It’s a huge step for Argo because it demonstrates the scalability of the Argo Autonomy Platform,” Argo president Dr. Peter Rander said. “We can go to multiple cities, where consumer demand for autonomous services is high, and drive naturally and safely in the heart of these areas.”

Both Ford and Volkswagen back Argo AI and its self-driving ventures. So, it appears that most of the Argo AI cars in the Austin area are hybrid Ford Escape SUVs.

On top of being used for Argo employees and the Lyft operations, these cars also serve some commercial purposes. Walmart teamed up with Argo AI to use its self-driving cars for grocery deliveries. These services are currently active in both Miami and Austin, as well as Washington, D.C.

Argo AI self-driving cars aren’t the only ones on U.S. roads

An Argo AI full self-driving taxi and delivery Ford Escape on public roads in Austin, Texas side profile
Argo AI Ford Escape | Argo AI

The fleet of Argo AI self-driving cars aren’t the only driverless cars currently on the road.

Google-owned autonomous car company Waymo has a fleet of driverless vehicles throughout San Francisco. Like Argo’s rollout, currently, these vehicles are primarily for use by Waymo employees. Though, some beta testers are eligible for rides.

Waymo also has full driverless vehicles operating as publicly available ride-hailing services in Arizona. So, if you’d like to take a driverless spin at this very moment, you’ll have to pay a visit to the grand canyon state.

GM’s self-driving startup, Cruise, also has driverless vehicle operations currently active in San Francisco. Recently, Cruise made some headlines when one of its driverless cars had an interaction with San Francisco police.

Ultimately, the rollout of self-driving cars throughout various cities in the U.S. is happening at an extremely rapid pace. Austin is the second city in Texas to adopt driverless vehicles, as Houston has Nuro driverless delivery vehicles currently on its roads.

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