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One of the most popular features of any Tesla model is self-driving. Owners love the ability to sit back on a long road trip and not have to steer or follow directions. Input an address, and the car finds the best route and takes you there. Of course, there should always be someone in the driver’s seat paying attention, just in case. The full self-driving (FSD) package is required for this feature. On January 17, Tesla’s Full self-driving price will increase by $2,000 to $12,000.

Tesla self-driving price increase

2022 Tesla Model S, full self-driving price increases by $2,000 to $12,000 for the FSD package.
2022 Tesla Model S | Tesla

Tesla’s FSD package is one of the most popular options available among owners. Previously charging $10,000 for the FSD package, most owners thought it was worth the price. Now, according to CarScoops, Elon Musk himself announced that the package’s price would increase by $2,000. Musk announced via Twitter recently stating that it will go into effect on January 17, 2022.

According to the CEO, this change is only happening in the US. So those outside the US looking to buy a Tesla with the FSD package soon, don’t worry. Additionally, the automaker offers a $199 monthly subscription service for the full self-driving package, which will likely see a price increase too. CarScoops says this is all according to plan, as Elon Musk previously said the FSD package price would increase as it added new features.

Tesla’s full self-driving doesn’t drive itself

Well, self-driving might be worth the extra price, but Tesla’s self-driving isn’t fully autonomous. Self-driving is categorized from 0 to 5 based on autonomy, where 5 is a car needing no help from a driver. Despite it being one of the biggest and most popular models with the feature, Tesla models are only level 2 autonomy. That means its vehicles require a lot of human assistance and aren’t really “self” driving. They’re more like assisted driving, sometimes.

Contrarily, Musk says that Tesla could reach level 4 autonomy as early as 2022. Thanks to Tesla’s promises frequently not coming true; we’ll hold off before getting too excited about that claim. After all, we still don’t know when the Cybertruck will come out if it ever does.

FSD package isn’t worth $12,000

While the features the FSD package offers are nice, they aren’t worth $12,000. Until the EV specialist increases its level of autonomy to 4 like Elon Musk said it would, we wouldn’t recommend the FSD package. Especially in the current expensive car market, an extra $12,000 is a massive hit on any car’s price. Not to mention, other automakers are coming out with electric vehicles this year and the following ones.

As more automakers continue to make competition for Tesla, not only will they offer better options, they’ll force the electric savants to improve as well. Tesla’s technology was virtually uncontested, making it so popular and well-liked. As soon as other automakers begin making theirs better, Tesla’s will become much less prevalent.

In conclusion, we wouldn’t recommend buying the full-self-driving package from Tesla for $12,000. The Tesla self-driving price increase of $2,000 represents adding to the cost without increasing the price of other options. Instead of charging for the new features added to Teslas, the automaker made the FSD package cost $12,000.