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What Is Considered ‘Good Gas Mileage?’

A vehicle’s gas mileage is arguable the most important figure to look at when it comes to measuring how efficient any vehicle is. For example, if a car gets “good gas mileage,” then it has a fuel-efficient engine, but if it gets “bad gas mileage,” then its engine is not very sufficient. There’s more to …


How Much Gas Does It Waste to Let Your Car Idle?

If you’re a frequent city driver who often encounters heavy traffic and stop lights, you may wonder whether it is more fuel-efficient to let your car idle or to shut it off. In fact, a Journal of Energy Policy study cited by Engineering Explained found that almost every single American they questioned would drastically overestimate …

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What is the Difference Between the Most Common Fuel Types?

A car’s engine can be very sensitive, and not giving it the right fuel type is like giving milk to someone who’s lactose intolerant. There are many common fuel types that consumers can choose from too, and they can have a lot of different effects on your car and on your wallet. Here are quick comparisons between the most …