Gas mileage is a highly discussed topic as prices rise to an unprecedented amount. As people attempt to find tips and tricks to save money on gas customers focus on buying sedans, SUVs, trucks, and even motorcycles that are great on gas mileage. There are many ways you can save on gas that some people may not think about, such as using cruise control can negatively affect gas mileage, and so can your AC.

There are so many great facts to know regarding gas for your car, such as how to tell if your gas tank has been tampered with, how many miles your car can drive on empty, or if all luxury cars need premium gas. There is also the question of how long the shelf life is on gas. These are all questions that can help you better understand how gasoline works and how to save money. In a time that prices are rising on cars and gas, it is essential to know how to save money.

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