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Ted Smith

Ted Smith has been writing about cars since 2019 and joined MotorBiscuit as a contributor in 2022. He’s fascinated with reliability concepts after his long-term ownership of a 1998 Infiniti I30 that turned 200,000 miles. Ted follows automotive market trends, the industry climate, and the ins and outs of most brands down to each model, trim, and engine/transmission options.

Like many gearheads, Ted is a D-I-Y-er and often helps folks in his community keep their cars going. This gives him the unique opportunity to see what each brand is like from a mechanic’s perspective, as well as help inform his awareness of the common problems with certain components. Ted has contributed to Vehicle History and is a member of a few Miata social clubs. In the Fall of 2020, Ted and some buddies started AVE Automotive, including an enthusiast podcast and YouTube channel.

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