2010 Toyota Tundra cruising down the road
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5 of the Most Reliable Trucks for Under $10,000

Unlike cars and SUVs, buying a reliable used truck can be tricky because they’re typically used for working on a construction job site or other heavy lifting and towing duties. And if you’re shopping for a reliable truck on a strict budget, then you might think that your options are limited. But don’t worry, there …

2021 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid
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Ford Just Revealed Its New 2021 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Torture Test

With the 2021 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, Ford is crossing two worlds together that do not typically meet. The car giant released a five-minute video on YouTube to showcase all the power in their latest pickup truck to celebrate this introduction. The video was a gearhead’s dream, combining the rugged imagery of a standard pickup ad with an environmentally friendly …

2020 Ram 1500 Tradesman
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The Ram 1500 is More Satisfying Than the Ford F-150

If you want to be happy with your truck, then consider the Ram 1500 over the Ford F-150. The results are in, and the Ram 1500 just picked up more awards for vehicle satisfaction. The 2020 Ram 1500 is the most awarded truck, and its latest awards are based on driver feedback.  The 2020 Ram …

2021 Ford F-150 on a farm with plants loaded in the truck bed
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Would You Rather Keep Your Truck or Give Up Things Like Coffee and Sex?

When it comes down to personal must-haves on a deserted island, or lifestyle staples that you can’t forgo, people admit to some crazy preferences. In the spirit of things you can’t live without, Ford’s Great American Truck Survey results are here. It may not surprise you that Americans are fiercely loyal to their beloved pickups. But it might make …

2021 Ford F-150 driving through a forest
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The 2021 Ford F-150 Can Actually Serve as a Generator

In late June, Ford debuted their newly redesigned 2021 Ford F-150. With the new features and technology it brings to the light-duty pickup truck class, it promises to usher in a new truck era.  The new F-150 offers six powertrain options, including a first-time hybrid. There’s dynamic new safety tech across all models like auto emergency braking. The body …

2021 Ford F-150 tailgate
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What You’ll Get With the 2021 Ford F-150’s Different Trims

The 2021 redesigned Ford F-150 is coming this Fall, and fans are chomping at the bit to climb in and experience America’s best-selling pickup. The experts are getting the first look, and the review expectations are coming in already. New styling, a true hybrid engine variation, and high-tech interior are just around the corner. And …

A red Ford F-150 pickup truck offered for sale at a dealership.
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The Ford F-150 Lasts Longer Than the Ram 1500

When it comes down to dependability, currently, the Ford F-150 is the more reliable option to choose over the Ram 1500. When it comes to having a truck that lasts 200,000 miles, you have a better chance of making it there in the F-150 than its biggest rival, the Ram 1500.  The Ford F-150 is …

2021 Ford F-150 driving up steep mountain road
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The 2021 Ford F-150 is Disappointing

After one long wait, the 2021 Ford F-150 has finally been revealed, and there are a few disappointing features that shouldn’t be ignored. Maybe the new Ford F-150 seems a little rushed, and after the 2020 model has had so many recalls already, we’re nervous about betting on the 2021 model.  The 2021 Ford F-150 …

All-new 2021 Ford F-150 Lariat trim parked in dirt
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5 Fantastic Features on the 2021 Ford F-150

The all-new 2021 Ford F-150 just recently made its debut and it brings to table a new look, a new powertrain, and a host of interesting features. While the long-awaited redesign has been in the works for the past five years, it’s refreshing to see some new innovations made in America’s favorite truck and we …

A gray 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid towing a boat
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The 2021 Ford F-150 Is Tougher and More Efficient Than Ever

Now in its 14th generation, the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 boasts more tech, more comfort, and even a new hybrid powertrain. Ford’s best-selling truck hasn’t had any changes in over five model years, so this new redesign is a much-welcomed and highly-anticipated departure from the last generation. And while it’s tough to perfect perfection, Ford …

2019 Ford F-150 Raptors with Fox Live Vale electronic shocks
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5 Reasons the Ford F-150 Raptor Is Better Than the RAM Rebel

Let’s face it, it’s really tough to beat the Ford F-150 Raptor when it comes to finding a production off-road-ready truck. Although, there is one truck that could possibly be better than the Raptor: the RAM Rebel. It’s cheaper, has a strong V8 engine, and is available with some handy storage solutions, but anyone that’s …

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5 Reasons the RAM Rebel Is Better Than the Ford F-150 Raptor

When it comes to off-road trucks, there is no more-formidable truck than the Ford F-150 Raptor. It’s been in production for the past decade and has taken the throne as America’s favorite desert-runner since its introduction. And while the F-150 Raptor is tough to compete with, the RAM Rebel sure does hold its own. Here …

Ford F-150 Off-Roading through dirt
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Is the 2020 Ford F-150 as Comfortable as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

The Ford F-150 is widely known as America’s best-selling full-size pickup truck and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is widely known as Germany’s luxury full-size sedan. The two couldn’t be any more different as one is made for hauling and towing duties and driving through the mud, while the other is better suited for weekend drives and …

Ford F-150 Off-Roading through dirt
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5 Reasons Why the Ford F-150 Is Better than the RAM 1500

When it comes to the full-size pickup truck category, the Ford F-150 seems to always reign supreme. However, the RAM 1500 was redesigned for the 2019 model year and now boasts a nicer interior, bolder looks, and a host of features that give the top-contending F-150 a run for its money. But the F-150 wouldn’t …

2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel
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Avoid the Ford F-150, Buy the RAM 1500 Instead

The Ford F-150 has been the top-selling truck in the country forever and there’s no way it’s sales figures will be slowing down any time soon. After all, 2019 was its best sales year ever as over 890,000 F-150s were sold that year, according to Motor1. That should be no surprise as its popularity is …