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What’s better than a camper and a Ford F-150? A Ford F-150 that is a camper. The folks at Rossmonster are cooking up some serious off-road camper monsters out in the land of camper trucks, Colorado. Like EarthRoamer campers, the Rossmönster rigs are down to conquer any trail you throw at them, but unlike EarthRoamer, they won’t cost you $500,000+ and also might be the best camper for Winter. 

Two camper trucks driving through the desert
The Rossmönster Ford F-150 Baja camper | Rossmönster

Rossmönster typically makes camper vans, but this Ford F-150 Baja camper is something different

According to New Atlas, Rossmönster is one of the many companies in the Rockies that have built a reputation for building camper vans and motorhomes. No, without abandoning that segment, Rossmönster is getting into the overland truck camper scene. 

There is no lack of love for all-wheel drive vans as a rugged camper base. However, some drivers still demand the smaller overall footprint, true four-wheel drive with locking differentials, higher ground clearance, and overall better off-road ruggedness a truck offers. We call these off-road campers overlanders. 

Ross Williamson, the man behind the monster, Rossmönster, explained when announcing the Baja earlier this year that “We know that many people, including ourselves, prefer to adventure in hard-to-reach places where getting there is part of the experience. As such, we wanted to build a vehicle with the same craftsmanship and dedication to design that we’ve been employing in our van builds for years but with a bit more capability to explore.” 

What makes this F-150 the best camper for winter? 

The Rossmönster Ford F-150 Baja camper truck seen parked in a gravel pit
The Rossmönster Ford F-150 Baja camper | Rossmönster

The team wanted to move into the overland segment with a bang; naturally, they picked something capable and insanely popular, the Ford F-150. 

Obviously, building a camper truck is a bit different than building a van. The truck might be a more capable platform, but it requires much more work because it doesn’t come with a built-in cabin. 

Just by looking at the Ford F-150 Baja, it seems Rossmönster has managed to build their camper cabin just fine. This truck camper uses the classic pop-up roof to allow for more headroom and the solid construction of a hard-side camper shell for security, comfort, and stability. Instead of using the typical canvas-type soft materials, the actuating Baja roof reveals only a slightly tapered section of the wall. This pop-up system allows floor-to-ceiling hard-wall coverage for four-season protection.

The best camper for Winter better be cozy

Rossmönster Baja cmaper truck interior
The Rossmönster Ford F-150 Baja camper | Rossmönster

Following the theme of winter camper, the Ford F-150 Baja interior is dressed in warm hues and wooden slats to make the best winter camper as cozy as possible. Williamson says the team specifically went with this darker wood aesthetic to really connect the truck camper to the ski lodges of the Alps. But like all good campers, the Ford F-150 Baja comes with multiple aesthetic options for those wanting something a bit more modern. 

The Rossmonster Baja offers two layouts, the two-sleeper, and four-sleeper layout. Of course, you can also opt for the fully custom route. Both layouts allow for the center aisle to be left completely open, splitting the kitchen and other equipment. 

The kitchenette spans both sides, with a passenger-side single-burner induction cooktop built into a large countertop and a driver-side Ruvati multipurpose sink with a built-in drying bin/strainer and cutting board top. Under the counter lives the 85-L Isotherm fridge/freezer. 

How do you sleep in a truck camper? 

Ford-F-150 Baja camper truck is one of the best campers for winter time although this one is parked on the beach
The Rossmönster Ford F-150 Baja camper | Rossmönster

Once you start unfolding the bed/beds (depending on which layout you choose, the camper quickly becomes a winter lodge where soft, warm surfaces abound. To help you stay warm and cozy during your winter expeditions, Rossmönster equips the Baja with a powerful electrical system built around a 400-Ah lithium battery. It also has a 400W roof-secured Zamp solar array that assists a 120-A alternator charger and a 3,000W inverter distributing AC power around the camper. 

How much does the Rossmonster F-150 cost?

Thankfully, the folks at Rossmonster have been clever with keeping the costs lower without sacrificing quality. Many overland and camper builders will also reupholster the base van or truck to up the quality. However, a true overlander doesn’t need any fancy leather and brass buttons, which is why the Baja’s factory Ford interior is basically left untouched, save for the entrance to the camper through the cab that must be carved out. 

However, the back end gets airbag suspension to handle the added weight, and it comes with new front and rear bumpers. 

All of this winter camper goodness starts at $175,000, which is still a ton of money. However, compared to other similar type rigs, the Rossmönster is a decent deal. These rigs often cost well into and past the $300,000 mark. Hell, you can spend a million dollars on an EarthRoamer if you feel so inclined. All in all, the Rossmönster F-150 Baja is a well-priced overlander rig made to dominate the trail all year around. 


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