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It might be 2021, but the 2017 Ford F-150 is still out here winning hearts and awards.  The four-year-old Ford vehicle recently won the J.D. Power Performance Award which is awarded to models with the highest ratings for design and performance within the first 90 days of ownership. 

What about the Ford F-150 makes it a solid choice?

In addition, the four-year-old F-150 also won the dependability award.  This is given to models that have the fewest reported problems per “100 owners during the past 12 months with their 3-year-old vehicle,” according to J.D. Power.

But what is it about this car that keeps people coming back years later?  It does offer three different engine variations to suit many needs. Regular unleaded V6, regular unleaded V-8, and a twin-turbo regular unleaded V6.  The 3.5-liter V6 puts out 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque with the new 10-speed transmission. 

It comes with two or four-door options and gets an estimated 15 to 19 miles per gallon in the city and 18 to 26 miles per gallon on the highway. 

Is the Ford F 150 A good truck?

J.D. Power offered ratings of 84/100 and 83/100 for both quality, reliability, and driving experience.  The resale value of the truck tends to hold well over time and people keep coming back to the 2017 option. 

Consumer Reports noted that the 2017 version of the truck managed to take off 700 pounds from the previous iteration due to the aluminum construction.  If you’re looking for towing capacity, the 3.5-liter turbo has a maximum rating of 11,500 pounds. 

One area where the truck fell short, according to Consumer Reports, was the driving experience.  “The steering was vague and slow to respond, and the ride was fidgety and unsettled on all surfaces,” CR noted.  However uneventful the ride was, it was noted to be quiet and roomy enough. 

If you take a look at some of the personal reviews on Edmonds, owners of the vehicle generally left glowing reviews.  For the price, most of them seemed pleased with their truck purchase even years later. 

In fact, some owners probably have no need for the 2021 version of this truck because the 2017 version is doing just fine.

Which Ford F 150 model is the best?

One of the benefits of the Ford F-150 is that there is an option out there for everyone. If you are looking for a 2017 model, Ford offers the F-150 XL, F-150 XLT, F-150 LARIAT, F-150 King Ranch, and F-150 Platinum.

These are also available in the 2021 lineup, in addition to the F-150 Raptor. Pick a 2017 F-150, any 2017 F-150!


What Makes the Ford F-150 So Popular?