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Could This Be The Car That Saves Chrysler?

There’s a lot of speculation as to what will happen to the Chrysler brand now that the Stellantis merger is complete. The brand is down to almost no models which, you know, doesn’t keep you in business for very long. But there is a wave of new models chugging out from the French side of …
The Stellantis logo is a blue background with the name Stellantis spelled across it. The letter A has a starfield about it.
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Fiat Chrysler Merger Is Upon Us: Which Brands Live Or Die?

With the approval by shareholders today of the joining of Fiat Chrysler and Groupe PSA, the merger is upon us. The nuts and bolts of the union should be wrapped up before spring. But with it comes the fact that there are now too many brands in what will be called Stellantis. That means the …
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Is This The All-New 2022 Ram Electric Van?

Stellantis is the name of the merged Fiat Chrysler and Groupe PSA. It is expected to be merged and running by the end of next month according to auto scribes this week. So we can expect that many models will hit the auto graveyard. And also new models will magically appear as Citroen, Peugeot, and …
A red-and-black 1974 twin-engine Citroen 2CV 4x4 rally car in a quarry
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This Citroen 2CV Became a Rally Car With the Help of 2 Engines

‘Innovative’ is a term often thrown around classic Citroens. In the 50s, for example, the DS wowed onlookers with front disc brakes and self-leveling hydropneumatic suspension. The later SM took the latter to new heights (pun intended) and introduced features like rain-sensing wipers and hydraulically-assisted steering. But before those came the minimalist Citroen 2CV, explicitly …
Red 2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock on the concrete highway
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The Dodge Barracuda Muscle Car’s Return Rumors Resurface

As far back as May of 2014, Sergio Marchionne released one of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ five-year plans. In it, there was a sports coupe that was slotted to come in smaller than the Challenger. Rumors started flying that the new Dodge offering would inherit the old Plymouth Barracuda nameplate from muscle cars of years gone …
Jay Leno and his black 1949 Citroen Traction Avant
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Jay Leno Drives One of the Most Innovative Cars You’ve Never Heard Of

Ground-breaking engineering isn’t only found on pricey supercars like the McLaren F1. It’s more impressive when cars everyone can afford have innovative features. And French automaker Citroen knows something about that. Its iconic 2CV remains a beloved people’s champion, and the 1955 DS is still an impressively-advanced luxury car. But, as Jay Leno explains, before …
A red 1975 Citroen DS Pallas parked on a gravel forest road

The Citroen DS: The Classic Luxury Car Way Ahead of Its Time

The features list tends to define what a luxury car is these days. And while classic luxury cars arguably have more style, they can’t necessarily compete when it comes to bells and whistles. There is one, though, that can. Today, self-leveling suspension and adjusting headlights are available in many high-end vehicles. The Citroen DS had …
A red Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan sits in a parking lot with a city in the background.
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Alfa Romeo Celebrates 110 Years While Struggling in the USA.

Alfa Romeo announced celebrations planned to mark the manufacturer’s 110th birthday. The celebrations will continue through the end of Sunday in Italy. But, here in the USA, the Alfa Romeo brand is hardly noticed, and certainly not celebrated in any major way. In fact, Alfa Romeo has been struggling to get its feet under the brand since it came back …
2021 Citröen Ami | PSA-
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Would You Buy A Citröen Ami For $22 A Month?

Right out of the gate let’s say that the Citröen Ami is not like a Smart car. That’s about the closest thing to the Ami we’ve had in the US. We wouldn’t say it’s “basic” so much as it is a different mindset. We say that because the top speed is only 28 mph, and …
2021 Citroen DS | PSA-
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The 2021 Citroen DS Could Be A Great Chrysler 300. Will It?

Right now it’s a fun time to speculate on the impending Fiat Chrysler/PSA merger. PSA has been on a bit of a roll debuting a pickup truck last week that could definitely become a Ram Dakota. Now it’s showing off its newest sedan for 2021, a somewhat straightforward and generic Citroen spinoff known as DS. …
Citroen C5 diesel SUV vs gasoline SUV

Is a Diesel SUV as Fast as a Gasoline One?

There’s an old adage that consumers buy horsepower, but drive torque. And when it comes to torque, it’s tough to beat a diesel SUV. Diesels can tow larger loads and are arguably more durable than gasoline engines—hence the popularity of importing diesel Land Cruisers and Hiluxes. The problem is, that high torque comes at the …
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Which Brands Will Die In Chrysler-PSA Merger?

The merger between Fiat-Chrysler and PSA Group is finalized with both parties signing the paperwork. It will take a while to absorb the impact of 14 brands across the world now housed within one company. With this much coming together you know some will be killed off from overlap or lack of significant sales. We …