Would You Buy A Citröen Ami For $22 A Month?

Right out of the gate let’s say that the Citröen Ami is not like a Smart car. That’s about the closest thing to the Ami we’ve had in the US. We wouldn’t say it’s “basic” so much as it is a different mindset. We say that because the top speed is only 28 mph, and in Europe, you wouldn’t need a driver’s license. We’re not sure how that would work here but let’s proceed as it might. So, for a small downstroke and $22 a month for four years would you buy an Ami?

2021 Citröen Ami | PSA-
2019 Citröen Ami concept | PSA

This is the production version of the Ami One concept from last year. It was more funky and lively than what you see here. But the idea is the same; a small commuter car for big city travails. The urban jungle is where the Ami starts making sense. For someone like Motor Biscuit’s beloved editor Collin for instance. 

The Ami would be possibly the perfect urban squirter for people like MB’s editor

2021 Citröen Ami | PSA-
2021 Citröen Ami | PSA

He lives in the heart of Los Angeles. It’s much quicker to walk to the market or to dine out than driving. Plus, parking spaces are non-existent. When he has to trek just about anywhere beyond that he takes his Ducati. But there are times when a more protected, enclosed commuter bubble would be preferred. And at $22 a month, it’s cheaper than any kind of public transportation or an Uber spread out over a month. 

Parking would be a lot easier in the mean streets of LA. Heck, you might even be able to hide it behind one of those big trash bins behind restaurants and high rise buildings. We’re not suggesting you do that, but you could.

The Ami is categorized as a “light quadricycle” in Europe

The Ami uses an 8 hp electric motor which qualifies it as a “light quadricycle.” The juice comes from a 5.5kWh battery. Range is 43 miles. That seems limited, but don’t forget the top speed is 28 mph. At that pace, you wouldn’t want to travel more than about 40 miles. Once you get where you need to be you can fully charge the Ami in three hours with a 220-volt socket handy.

Seating two comfortably is one plus. Another is the surprising amount of storage space. The seating is positioned like an average sedan so you’re not leaning, ducking, or bending much to get in. It’s a funky little thing when you realize the passenger side door opens traditionally while the driver’s side door opens from the front. There’s a reason for that.

When you look over the body you’ll see something very unique

2021 Citröen Ami | PSA-
2021 Citröen Ami | PSA

When you smoke over the design you’ll see that body panels were kept to a minimum. There’s only one door panel. That’s why it opens differently from side to side. There are only two fender panels. The front right is the same as the rear left and vice-versa. Also, the fascia and rear are the same pieces. One has red lights if it’s for the back, and the other has headlights if it is for the front. Simple. 

To help make this as easy as possible Citröen lets you order online and have it delivered right to your door. You can buy an Ami outright for just under $7,000, or lease one for $3,000 down and $22 a month. Citröen even has what it calls “Free2Move” where you can borrow one from a fleet of Amis for 30-cents a minute. Of course, this is all for France. 

Citröen will start rolling out the Ami starting in June

2021 Citröen Ami | PSA-
2021 Citröen Ami | PSA

Why We Need a French Electric Car From Outerspace

French deliveries of the Ami will start in June. It will then be rolled out to Spain, then Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Portugal. 

So the question is “would this work in the US in congested urban areas?” Things are changing quickly, folks. At least in the LA area, a lot of apartments and condos are popping up next to and around metro rail services. People want to be close to transportation. If you could keep your Beemer for the weekends and squirt around in an Ami during the week, does that seem so bad? How about it Collin?