Is This The All-New 2022 Ram Electric Van?

Stellantis is the name of the merged Fiat Chrysler and Groupe PSA. It is expected to be merged and running by the end of next month according to auto scribes this week. So we can expect that many models will hit the auto graveyard. And also new models will magically appear as Citroen, Peugeot, and other vehicles unfamiliar to the US get badge engineered as a Dodge or Chrysler.  With that in mind could this be the 2022 Ram electric van? 

The all-electric e-Jumpy was named “International Van of the Year For 2021″

This is the Citroen e-Jumpy van. Besides being all-electric it was also named “International Van of the Year For 2021.” This according to CarsBite. The jury is made up of “24 independent journalists and magazine editors (do those exist anymore?) specialized in light commercial vehicles.” 

So Citroen has a winner on its hands. Since it has no reach in the US and will soon be sharing digs with one of the Stellantis heavy hitters in Ram, the synergy is obvious. Bonk a Ram onto the grille and rear door and you’ve got an instant Ram electric van. But will Stellantis do it? Nobody is saying right now.

That’s stuff the former Fiat Chrysler does all day long

After all, the company technically doesn’t exist yet. And it would take a certain amount of time for crash tests in the US. Plus, it would need to be badged with Ram stuff. Finally, marketing, advertising, and parts inventories would have to be addressed. But that’s stuff the folks at the former Fiat Chrysler do all day long. 

To have an instant compact electric van with no development time, money, or energy, is what the merger should be about. For Groupe PSA, they get the Ram and Jeep brands and a solid dealer network. For Fiat Chrysler, they get brand new products for some of their aged products. 

The payload is almost 3,000 lbs with almost 250 cubic feet of cargo space

As for the e-Jumpy van, in its Citroen form, it has all of the advantages of an ICE van. Dimensions, loading volume, and payload are all competitive with other compact and medium-size vans. The range is slightly over 200 miles with the 75kWh battery. For Europe, there is a 50kWh battery that will take you 125 miles without a recharge. An 80% charge takes only 30 minutes. 


Ram Won’t Care About Electric Trucks Until This Happens

So it has all of the specs necessary to make it in the US market-or European market. The payload is almost 3,000 lbs with almost 250 cubic feet of cargo space. So from a commercial perspective, it hits all of the numbers. But there is also that other market that this works for, and that is the passenger van segment.

With windows, the Citroen e-Jumpy becomes an entirely different product. It’s a different segment the e-Jumpy can conquer. In this segment, the e-Jumpy becomes the SpaceTourer. So there is a lot the Citroen van/Spacetourer can do for Stellantis in the US. Will it become a Ram van? We’ll have to see what 2021 foretells.