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Here it is; the world’s smallest SUV. At least, that is what Citroen is saying about its My Ami Buggy concept. Get it? Miami buggy? It’s a concept for now, but Citroen has said if there is enough interest it will make some. Unfortunately, as of now, Stellantis has no plans to bring it stateside. Would you buy one if it did?

Is the Citroen Mi Ami Buggy a car or a motorcycle?

Citroen Mi Ami buggy
Citroen Mi Ami Buggy concept | Stellantis

The Mi Ami is based on the upcoming Ami city car. And it’s not considered a car, at least according to Citroen. It’s a quadricycle. That classification restricts its size, engine size, and limits the speed it can be rung up to. 

Still, it’s an all-electric two-passenger attempt at both the serious need for carbon reduction, reducing city congestion, along with a fun, funky flavor. We doubt it would be popular here, but what if it was outfitted as a mini-SUV as we see here? 

It has a roly-poly look about it with the balloon tires wrapped around matte gold rims. And the lack of doors makes you imagine cruising around Monte Carlo on a summer’s night. Or how about the French Riviera? And if it gets a bit chilly, the Mi Ami comes with transparent attachable panels to give you some protection. “Some” is subjective.

Can it go off-road?

Citroen Mi Ami buggy
Citroen Mi Ami Buggy concept | Stellantis

But let’s be honest, shall we? This isn’t about conquering the roads less traveled. The bullbars and light covers, along with the roof-mounted spare wheel, are strictly for fun. And the outdoor, off-road theme is accentuated by the gray paint, even though it looks like it is bed liner paint. 

There are detachable bags where the doors once were, for some extra storage space. It does actually have doors or more like the framework for doors, but why bother? Just step up and in. 

Yellow accentuated touches unique to the Mi Ami add a fun element to the interior. A removable speaker is part of the dash, and there is also a matching bumbag that is detachable from the steering wheel. We guess that Citroen thinks fanny packs are coming back into style? Or maybe they never left France-we haven’t been there since before the pandemic. 

The Citroen Ami has a top speed of 28 mph and 46-mile range

Citroen Ami
Citroen Ami city commuter | Stellantis

As for the Ami itself, in stock form, it weighs slightly more than 1,000 lbs. At about eight feet long, this sucker is really tiny. With a 5.5-kWh battery and eight-horsepower motor, it has a range of just under 50 miles. The top speed is 28 mph.

But again, this isn’t about hopping in and blasting off to San Francisco. It is meant strictly for city excursions. But the options are lavish. You can add a digital display, single-speed fan, heater, cupholder, extra storage space, and a place to dock your iPhone. 

And the price for a stock Ami? It’s under $7,500. Not cheap for a glorified golf cart. But it is intriguing. If it could up the power to get around 40 mph, it could work for the US. Most of our travel needs are meant for within 20 miles of home. So with some extra speed, it opens up a whole new way of looking at local commuting. 


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