MG Enters Mexico, International Expansion Continues

MG will return to Mexico this month. Its owner, SAIC, is bringing MG back to that country after an absence since 2005. Does this move signal a future return to the United States as well?

Will MG return to the United States?

The Butterfly doors are open on the MG E-Motion concept car
MG E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

Will MG return to the United States? The answer to that question is a speculative Yes, and also maybe a no. Let me explain. 

Back in May, I wrote about MG starting its new Mission 100 plan. The important thing to call out here is that the expansion plan was (and is) an international growth plan. Autocar pointed out that the Mission 100 plan is called Mission 100 in reference to the 100 global markets the company wants to be in by the end of 2024.

Then in June, I wrote a story about how MG was bucking the COVID-19 trend at the time with increased sales. While most other manufacturers were seeing a pause in sales, MG was an oddball with new fortunes coming into the company coffers. At the time, Australian sales had shot up 60%

Strong sales and international plans raise eyebrows

Strong sales and an international expansion focus raised the eyebrows of MG enthusiasts in the United States. People have wondered out loud, will the manufacturer make it back to our shores? A strong sales position makes most any plan possible. So, should we expect it?

Profile view of the red MG E-Motion concept car
E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

In Mexico, according to The Detroit Bureau, MG hopes to have 17 dealerships selling three models by the end of the year. The United States, however, has not been called out specifically that I can tell yet. But, it is known that SAIC, the owner of MG, has wanted to have inroads into the United States for a long time. The United States, however, is a tricky market to navigate. Quality expectations, safety regulations, and factories are all big planning efforts. So, it’s possible that the rollout of Mission 100 is just a primer for entering the United States.

An MG presence in the United States is not far fetched

The return of MG to the United States may sound far fetched except that the speculation is not just enthusiasts talking amongst each other. Back in 2014, Edmunds got wind of some MG plans and published the following, 

“MG Motor, the Chinese-owned British sports car maker that once sold tens of thousands of cars in the U.S., is considering options for a new sports car — and dreaming of a return to the U.S. market.”

At the time of the publication, there was no sports car in the MG arsenal. The company mainly makes sedans, wagons, crossovers, and SUVs. But, the company recently unveiled plans to make the E-Motion electric sports car next year. So, is that the last piece to the puzzle before we see the automaker come over here?

Inching closer to the United States

View of the rear of the MG E-Motion concept car
MG E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

How Many British Brands Remain British?

This month’s re-entry in Mexico brings MG closer to the United States physically. But, Mexico may not have the infrastructure to support an electric car. However, up north, things are different. In this country, charging stations are popping up at a rapid rate. Many Tesla owners already have no fears about driving from sea-to-shining-sea. Other charging networks are also springing up. So, supporting an electric car with a reasonable range is possible. 

It seems as if more and more pieces of MGs expansion plans are leading to the automaker’s return to the United States. The aggressive growth plan of the company, coupled with the return of the sports car in the lineup, and the growth also of the electric charging networks in the United States, all seem to make a stronger case for the brand’s return. However, nothing is public yet in reference to the United States. So, in the meantime, enthusiasts and the automotive industry at large will watch to see what the next big move will be for the manufacturer.