MG Bucks Trend, Grows Sales During COVID-19

Aside from RV sales jumping upward during the global COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, most other automotive-related companies worldwide have seen a dip of some sort in their sales for the first half of the year. It might have been a short blip, but a blip nevertheless. Not MG. Instead, MG sales have bucked the trend and grown. MG’s owners are even talking about expansion for the brand.

Front end of a the MG E-Motion concept car
MG E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

2020 sales are down overall

When it comes to sales, there are some bright spots around the world. For example, in the United States, sales of pickup trucks did well during the pandemic lockdown. Also, in Australia, although the market was down 23.9%, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, MG was a bright spot. Much like the pickup sales in the United States, MG sales did well.

It seems, in fact, that MG is actually doing fantastic. The Chinese owned company saw sales rise over 60 percent in Australia alone. That is an impressive accomplishment. It could also be a harbinger of things to come.

2019 Ram 3500HD
2019 Ram 3500HD | Ram

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The Mission 100 plan

MG has launched a Mission 100 international initiative. According to Autocar, the initiative is focused on tripling the brand’s sales by the end of 2024, and incorporating high-end technologies, including 5G connectivity and driver-assist systems. Also, part of the strategic effort is plans of overhauling the lineup, which right now consists of sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. MG will be adding seven new models. Three of them will be all-new. Four will be updates. A sportscar or two may be returning to the as well but in electric form, including a roadster.

MG, however, has an uphill battle. People are still coming to grips with going back to work, that is if they have not lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus. The world is still trying to figure out how things will play out for the rest of 2020.

MG’s increases are a good starting point

During the lockdown, the other automotive manufacturers have not stood still either. They have each been making plans on how to get back on track and take market share from each other. Having said that, MG will be starting from a better position. While, generally speaking, the rest of the manufacturers lost sales and have to make them up to balance their books, MG, on the other hand, did not. A 60 percent increase during lockdown is no small task. So, the Mission 100 initiative has an elevated starting point as it begins to roll out new products when compared to other manufacturers.

A shadowy image of a future two seat electric sports car rendering
MG Cyberster concept roadster rendering as a teaser | SAIC Design

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As far as the Coronavirus is concerned, MG seems to have the right product at the right time for Australia. What remains to be seen is whether the newfound success can be translated to the rest of the world as the manufacturer rolls out its international growth plan strategy. Plans and execution are two different things, and since the world is still fragile, it’s likely the execution of the plan may be adjusted along the way. But, Kudos to MG for its growth during the downturn.