MG International Growth Plans Raises Eyebrows, US Return?

MG is a company that sold roadsters until 1980 here in the United States. It was a much-loved company, and many were sad to see it’s doors close on this side of the pond. Since then, a lot of work has been done, and MG has changed hands. But, the fruits of the labor are starting to pay off. The company has announced expansion plans. Consequently, eyebrows are being raised. Will MG come back to the United States?

The Butterfly doors are open on the MG E-Motion concept car
MG E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

MG wants a sportscar

MG was bought by the Chinese company SAIC, in 2007. Under SIAC, MG has been selling sedans, wagons, crossovers, and even SUVs. But, MG is not content with that. They want a return to the sportscar days as well. So, they have been working on new concept models and gauging the public’s reaction.

Now comes word from Autocar that the automaker is going to focus more internationally. According to the report, 

“MG plans to enter up to 100 global markets and generate annual sales of up to one million units by 2024.”

Profile view of the red MG E-Motion concept car
MG E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

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If numbers from 2019 are used as the basis, sales equated to 298,000 units for the automaker. That means that MG plans to more than triple sales in the next four years.

MG’s expansion plans are not new

The idea of MG expanding so grandiosely does not seem to be a whim either. It has been in the works. SAIC’s Vice President was speaking about MG when he said, 

“We have planned this for a while. We now feel the company has the necessary maturity, and the conditions are right” SAIC’s Vice President.

This is a massive undertaking planned for such a short time. So, to achieve this, MG will be introducing new models. But, the most interesting thing is that interest to enter up to 100 global markets. Remember also that part about focusing more internationally? 

MG coming to the United States?

The news is vague. It does not call out which global markets MG is considering. But, keep in mind that according to Edmunds, SAIC has been contemplating returning to the United States as far back as 2014. At that time a roadster was in long term plans for consideration.

Well, MG has plans to have three all-new models in the next 18 months. The E-Motion four-seat sports car is expected to be one of them. But, a two-seat roadster is also rumored to be in the mix, called the Cyberster. Could that roadster be the spawn of the vision back in 2014 that Edmunds mentioned for the United States? Could the roadster in the long-term plans from 2014 be the one coming to the United States?

A shadowy image of a future two seat electric sports car rendering
MG Cyberster concept roadster rendering as a teaser | SAIC Design

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Reality check, it’s speculation

The reality is that there is a lot of speculation going on right now. No firm details have emerged about MG making a concerted push back into the United States. All we can do is look at past reports and try to make some sense of it all. Until details become clearer, there will continue to be raised eyebrows and heads being scratch, and maybe a few people daydreaming about the MG brand.