MG Electric Sports Car Coming, but Forbidden

To people in the United States, MG is a company that many associate with small British sportscar from a manufacturer that has long since disappeared from our shores. The truth is, MG is still around, albeit overseas. In fact, the company is planning on producing a new sportscar for 2021 that looks really appealing, but it is forbidden fruit.

Front end of a the MG E-Motion concept sportscar
MG E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

The MG backstory

MG is a British based subsidiary of a Chinese company called SAIC. MG produces sedans, hatchbacks, and cross-over vehicles. But, the manufacturer has longed to return to its sportscar days. So, they developed a concept sportscar that they took to the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show. 

The Butterfly doors are open on the MG E-Motion concept car
E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

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MG E-Motion design review

The MG E-Motion concept sportscar was so well received, that the green light was given for production. Overall, the E-Motion is pretty stylish. The front end has a familiarity with Mazda’s current model 6 design language. The rear sweep of the taillights speaks of the Lexus SC 430 convertible. However, looking at the vehicle from a side profile perspective is where the car’s real appeal stands out. The profile view of the car harkens to the captivating Aston Martin DB series of cars. A video of the car is below. 

The concept car had butterfly doors. But, those would be unexpected for the production vehicle due to costs. Those kinds of things are usually retained in higher-end cars that can justify the production expense. 

Engine details

Engine management will not be via an internal combustion engine. Instead, MG is developing electric motors that will propel the E-Motion from zero-to-sixty in under 4 seconds. The electric range is anticipated to be in the 300-mile area. 

Profile view of the red MG E-Motion concept car
E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

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The E-Motion concept car is a far cry from what the old MGs on U.S. shores were like. Those were about small, simple, and well-handling two-seaters. If the new car comes to market fulfilling the promises the manufacturer has made, it will be a not-so-simple, technologically advanced, well handling 2+2 seater. But, it will also be a stunning or even jaw-droppingly elegant racer.

E-Motion’s target price range

The target price range for the MG’s new E-Motion is expected to be around $30,000 pounds. That is about $37,000 US dollars at the current exchange rate. However, the US dollar conversion rate does not really matter because this car will not be coming to the United States. That’s right. The E-Motion is a forbidden fruit that will have to be admired from across the pond.

View of the rear of the MG E-Motion concept sportscar
E-Motion Concept Car from the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show | MG

The MG cars of years ago have long left a desire in fans for the brand’s return to the United States. Sadly, the soon coming release of the E-Motion makes the heart of those MG fans almost cry. The concept car is so attractive and has promises of great performance and yet will not come to our shores. So, it seems that the fans will be forced to look from afar with aching and longing of such sweet forbidden British sportscar awesomeness.