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There are few things less outdoorsy than the squat little black cabs from London. Be that as it may, a new EV start-up in England aims to change that with their tiny electric camper vans converted from old black cabs from London. Like the new ElectricBrands X-Bus, London Electric Vehicles Company is aiming at eco-conscious campers looking for a camper van that is small, easy to drive, and friendly to the environment.

LEVC rendering of the all new electric camper van with it roof popped up
LEVC e-Camper | LEVC

It may not be an EarthRoamer, but it’s much friendlier to the Earth

The London Electric Vehicle Company has just unveiled a new tiny electric camper based on London’s iconic black cabs. According to Robb Report, the LEVC was once known as the London Taxi Company, and like most things in London, it has been around for a long time. The company that has provided London with its famous black cabs since the early 1900s has pivoted and rebranded.

LEVC now makes a lovely little 4×4 electric camper known simply as the e-Camper. Although it’s a very tiny camper van, it promises adventurers the comforts of home while exploring off the grid. 

This tiny camper van was made for the U.K. 

Tiny camper van with family cycling behind it
LEVC e-Camper | LEVC

LEVC only fits the e-Camper with enough battery to cover 60 miles on one charge. While we here in the States could barely get to the next town in 60 miles, for U.K. users, 60 miles covers a bit more ground, respectively. However, the electric motor is not the only way to motor around in the e-Camper. The tiny camper van also comes with a tiny 1.3-liter that stretches the overall range to 304 miles. Now, that’s a bit more useful. 

Although these tiny camper vans might feel too small for some, the size is its secret weapon. The e-Camper takes most of its exterior styling cues from the already iconic black cabs it is based on. However, these tiny camper vans come in a variety of exciting colors and many other customizable options. 

How can you live in a tiny camper van? 

London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) is a tiny camper van with a surprisingly roomy interior
LEVC e-Camper interior | LEVC

Unlike some other camper vans, it may be tough to live in the e-Camper full-time, but there is more room in there than it seems. With a bit of engineering wizardry, LEVC has really maximized the amount of interior space for the tiny camper van. 

For those who have ridden in a black cab, don’t be alarmed; there is more room in the e-Camper than in the old ones. LEVC was clever with their design making this tiny camper far more usable than it seems. The front seats flip around 180 degrees to create a makeshift dining space, while the rear bench seat converts into a double bed to accommodate two. Another couple of campers can also sleep up in the pop-up roof tent. 

The added benefit of this tiny camper van’s size is that navigating off-road is much more pleasant in a smaller vehicle. One of the silliest things about the massive overlanding rigs is that, while they may have every feature known to the universe, they are simply too big to get down many trails. The e-Camper will struggle to find a trail it doesn’t fit down. 

Also, even with its petite size, it still makes room for a little, all-electric kitchenette, meaning that its carbon footprint is even smaller than small. Like Rivian, the e-Camper can cook using all renewable power. 

The tiny camper van trend should continue 

Although the massive overlanding rigs are super cool, they are out of reach for most camper van customers. These giant rigs can cost anywhere from $120,000-$500,000 without even trying. This tiny camper van is far more in line with the times both ecologically and financially. 

Many people don’t want a giant rig that has tons of gadgets. They are more expensive and often more intimidating to drive. The e-camper is neither intimidating nor over-priced. In fact, this tiny electric camper van starts at only $86,000. 

“Our new electric, zero-emissions capable e-Camper offers the perfect solution and is well-equipped with high-quality features that can be tailored to meet a range of customer requirements,” LEVC’s CEO ​​Joerg Hofmann said in a statement.


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