Calling All Hippies: The Ebussy is the EV Campervan of the Future

The Venn diagram of eco-friendly and camper enthusiasts has finally found its perfect overlap. The Germany EV company, ElectricBrands has arrived to provide the vehicle for our Venn diagram, the eBussy.

First look at eBussy

At first glance, the eBussy will likely conjure images of the VW Microbus sitting in a field in upstate New York as Crosby, Stills, and Nash play. As Expedition Portal calls it, the eBussy feels “simultaneously vintage and modern.” 

options for the eBussy layout
options for the eBussy layout | ElectricBrands PR

What makes eBussy special? 

This future hippie van is modular, meaning it can be transformed into many different types of vehicles. ElectricBrands will offer a wide variety of swappable bodies and battery options to fit anything from cargo to camping. 

Before we get carried away there is one choice that is less swappable. When you go to place an order for an eBussy, you have to choose between the standard chassis or the off-road chassis. All the German EV company has said regarding the difference between the two is that the off-road chassis will be modified in some way to be better in the rough stuff. Not very helpful, but that’s all we know on that, thus far. Regardless of which chassis you choose, the eBussy will have an AWD system that delivers over 1,000 Nm of torque from four independent electric motors.

The real Lego car

People fondly refer to Jeep Wranglers as Lego cars because of the extensive aftermarket parts you can add, while also being able to take off the roof, doors, and lower the windshield with ease. The Jeep might have some competition for King of the Lego cars with the eBussy. 

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The eBussy offers its owners the ability to switch between commercial and recreational vehicle layouts. Expedition Portal reports that the eBussy can be configured to make 10+ different types of vehicles. 

The options are endless

When ElectricBrands talks about giving the buyer a choice between a variety of vehicles, they really mean it. The eBussy can go do all of the following: pickup/tipper (dump), combi, transporter, box/cargo, camper, or cabrio, to name a few, according to Expedition Portal. 

ElectricBrands claims the process of changing bodies for eBussy will be easy. I assume that is relatively speaking. The body changing will likely need to be done by the dealer with special tools and lifts, but it will be possible. 

What about range?

The biggest question with every perspective EV is always, “yeah. Yeah. But how far will it go?” The eBussy is reported to have 10 kilowatt-hours and 200 kilometers (124 miles) of driving. Now, that’s not the most impressive range. Those numbers are based on the standard model with eight batteries, but it can hold up to 24 batteries because of the modular design. If we crush those numbers, the fully loaded eBussy should have something around 370 miles of range. 

Options options options

There are so many possibilities with the new EV that listing them all seems foolish. Imagine the van/truck/bulldozer/camper you want, and you might just be able to find it buried within the deep halls of the eBussy.