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We are all clamoring to find the best camper/overlanding/apocalypse rig on the market. Lately, it seems that there is a new boutique that springs up from some hardcore part of the country to claim the newest and most intense camper yet. Honestly, at times I can’t help but throw a big eye roll when reading about the bullet-proof cabin, V100000 motor with a cool Googolplex horsepower. That being said, I do think we have found the ultimate camper – for now. 

Our friends at Gear Patrol found this killer, one-off overlanding beast, and it grabbed my attention immediately. 

“A smaller, more capable, and higher performing EarthRoamer.”

Overlanding has always been a custom endeavor. Much like hot-rod culture, until recently, overlanding rigs weren’t offered from the factory. It was something that had to be made in a shed with a specific off-road goal in mind.

The camper van world was similar in that although you could buy a camper van or RV, there was still a long and rich tradition of customization and conversion in camper vehicles. So, it would stand to reason that overlanding campers would find a home in the customizer camp.

Ford F-550 overland camper in profile
custom Ford F-550 camper | S2DM

The builder of this ultimate overlanding rig, Scott, had one main goal when building this camper. He set out to create a camper that would outperform the legendary Earthroamer. Scott mentions in an interview with Expedition Portal that he liked a lot of what he saw in the Earthroamers but felt that they were too big to be great off-road rigs. He wanted to make something smaller and more efficient while maintaining the luxurious living space and interior quality. 

The camper spec list is long – very long

Scott started with a Ford F-550 4×4 base like the Earthroamer. It is powered by Ford’s 6.8-liter V10 to haul the beefy 15,000-pound camper. As you might imagine, this camper is the result of $500,000 invested and thousands of hours of design and fabrication. 

Here we go. Let’s start with the main living area. Scott needed the camper to accommodate his family, two large dogs, and Scott, who is 6’6. The cabin is a classic pop-top design that extends to a cathedral-like 6’10 and fully molded to guarantee a seamless, watertight hull. 

Camper Sleeping situation

There is a nearly king-sized bed up in the top of the cabin, and the dinette downstairs converts to a smaller, child-friendly bed. The walls surrounding the larger of the two beds can articulate to allow for fresh air and wild views at the push of a button.

While the smaller bed is not being slept in, it’s best used for chillin’ and playing cards while waiting for dinner to be served. The kitchen has an induction stovetop, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a sink to meet all food prep needs.

Aside from ample food and gear storage, this RV can house its inhabitants for a long while out in the rougher parts of the world. Scott built the camper with a 100-gallon freshwater tank, a 40-gallon waste-water tank, and a massive fuel tank that holds up to 70 gallons. The fuel only is only used for pushing the behemoth around the woods and not electricity, because Scott outfitted the camper with 1,300 watts of solar panels. If you find yourself near civilization, it also has shore power hookups.

They really thought of everything

From power to climate control to storage, this camper has multiple features for everything. There is a wide range of ways to heat and cool the RV, from fans, gas heaters, and AC units. Overlanding requires gear for every situation. The storage solutions are vast, as well as creative. There are long thin storage panels in the roof to hold surfboards and ski and snowboarding gear. Every corner seems to have new and clever storage areas behind a flip-out panel or secret compartment. 


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The exterior of the RV is as impressive as this inside. There are two outdoor showers, a platform for another outdoor bed or area for dogs, and an outdoor slop sink. The back of this overlanding camper has a fold-out rack for bikes, firewood, or anything else that you might want to keep outside the rolling mini-mansion. 

There is still so much more at work here that it is nearly impossible for anyone to recite it all short of its creator. Here is an itemized list of all custom parts and truck specs. 

This beauty was an extensive and expensive build, but because Scott and his family are ready to move on to the next project this ultimate camper is now up for sale for $225,000 and currently has 25,000 miles on the truck.