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Jeep Wranglers don’t need much help in the cool department; practicality, maybe, but not cool. So EarthRoamer stepped in to make 12 examples of the Jeep Wrangler EarthRoamer XV-JP – the coolest and most practical Jeep Wranglers ever manufactured. This compact camper offers nearly the full 4×4 prowess of the Wrangler while also offering EarthRoamers accommodations. Go find a better overlander. I’ll wait….

The roof tent unfolded showing the camp setup of the Jeep Wrangler camper.
Jeep Wrangler EarthRoamer VX-JP | Images Courtesy of Collecting Cars

What is the Jeep Wrangler EarthRoamer XV-JP?

EarthRoamer is a company out of Colorado that builds high-end camper trucks. According to Silodrome, the Jeep EarthRoamer XV-JP features a camper shell that has been fully integrated into its Wrangler JK base. The camper is a lightweight shell of sandwiched fiberglass composites and a pop-top roof. 

Silodrome goes on to explain that this ain’t your ordinary Jeep Wrangler. The JK had a steel ladder frame chassis, coil springs all around, a live axle, and a full steel body. While the Jeep gained a few lbs from its modifications, its construction was carefully considered to keep it as light as possible to not disrupt its natural off-road gifts. 

What is EarthRoamer?

Jeep Wrangler EarthRoamer VX-JP front angle
Jeep Wrangler EarthRoamer VX-JP | Images courtesy of Collecting Cars

Founder Bill Swails started the camper company in 1998 using his own Dodge Ram as the base for the campers. In building his creations, the off-the-shelf parts quickly irritated him due to their lack of quality. So he began not only building campers but also fabricating his own parts.

His love for wildlife photography demanded a certain level of quality, comfort, and toughness that could get him out into the rough stuff. After a few years of working out the concept and final design, Swails launched EarthRoamer in 2003. Silodrome reports that the inaugural model was the EarthRoamer XV-LT – “XV” for Xpedition Vehicle and the “LT” for Luxury Terrain.

The brand has since acquired nearly 100 employees and made and sold hundreds of campers. The brand is one of the most well-regarded companies in the industry. 

Is there a good Jeep Wrangler camper? 

inside the roof-top tent on the Jeep Wrangler camper.
Jeep Wrangler EarthRoamer VX-JP tent | Images Courtesy of Collecting Cars

There sure is. EarthRoamer did a very limited run of 12 campers based on the Jeep Wrangler JK, specifically the four-door Unlimited trim. The JK followed the Wrangler’s best generation, the TJ.

The EarthRoamer XV-JPs are all a little different from one another. While they all started the process as four-door JK Wranglers, there is a variety of engines, transmissions, and interior layouts offered. While some details may vary, most of the 12 XV-JPs have lifted suspension, aftermarket wheels, bigger tires, steel bumpers, a winch, locking differentials, and a special skid plate made by EarthRoamer. 

Once the pop-top roof is opened, campers have nine feet of headroom in the cabin. While the Jeep verison is a bit smaller than other EarthRomaer products, it still has a composting toilet, a shower, a sink, a double bed, cooking facilities including a portable gas burner, an Isotherm fridge, fresh and grey water tanks, a hot water heater, a bank of house batteries, a diesel heater, and an extractor fan.

How much does an EarthRoamer cost? 

EarthRoamers typically cost somewhere in the $500k-$800k range. The Jeep pictured seems to be a special chance to get an EarthRoamer for a fraction of the normal price. Granted, the Jeep doesn’t offer everything the big dogs do, but since the current bid is at £25,250 with a little more than a day left to go, I’d say that’s heading toward bargain town. 

The rig has slightly more than 66,000 miles on the clock and looks to be pretty clean. If you want more info on this rare Jeep Wrangler camper, check out the Collecting Cars auction site listing.