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Camper vans. Electric vehicle. Micro Van. No, these aren’t just a list of hip car terms. The brand-new eBussy modular electric van covers the gambit on nearly every popular style of vehicle. When eBussy released the digital images over a year ago, no one thought there would be a rolling prototype one year later. This transforming modular electric camper van is not only getting built, but it is also one of the most affordable EVs coming to America!

The eBussy electric camper van is the future 

As noted by New Atlas, as exciting as the concept renderings were for the eBussy, I’m not sure anyone ever planned to see the tiny camper van again. The idea of a modular EV van that can be a flatbed truck and tiny camper van by just switching out bodies seemed a little too good to be true. 

Well, here we are a year later, and eBussy is not only going to build these little electric vans, but they are even coming to America. The company behind eBussy, ElectricBrands, has officially announced that it has built a real-world prototype and is debuting in two weeks. 

The eBussy will be one of the most affordable EV camper vans

eBussy modular camper van rendering
Electric Camper Van | ElectricBrands

 As with most journalists who covered the eBussy last year, many simply believe it would ever happen. For something so small and affordable to switch between so many vehicles configurations with so little effort seemed like a pie in the sky dream, not a real product. 

Before the eBussy, ElectricBrands spent a few years dabbling in the electric scooter market. To go from scooters to a completely game-changing EV platform felt like a bit too much of a stretch. Technically the eBussy will not be made. ElectricBrands has officially changed the name to Xbus, which feels like a strong choice. 

The prototype coming to America will make its debut on July 7 at 7:07 p.m. CEST (1:07 p.m. EDT).  ElectricBrands will also launch a configurator, ordering system, and crowd investment campaign at the same time. 

How many different vehicles can this little modular EV be? 

The thing that makes the eBussy (Xbus) so cool is that ElectricBrands has essentially made a LEGO car. This means the Xbus can go from a pickup truck, flatbed, cargo van, camper van, and more. 

Not only can the Xbus be reconfigured in seemingly endless ways, but ElectricBrands also offers two chassis; an off-road and an on-road chassis. Of course, the off-road chassis comes with more ground clearance and a taller suspension for taller tires. The road-going chassis is lower and tuned for a smoother ride. 

Both chassis options will include an all-wheel drive electric powertrain with four in-hub motors combining for up to 738 lb-ft of torque. Considering how tiny and light these modular rigs are, that power will go a long way. Again, these amazing features and stats are still found on one of the most affordable EVs and one of the most affordable camper vans. It really does feel too good to be true. 

ElectricBrand’s battery situation is as modular as its body, available in sizes between 10 and 30 kWh for estimated ranges anywhere from 124 to 373 miles. Using the quick-access battery drawers, Xbus drivers will even be able to swap out power packs. On top of that, Xbus will use built-in solar power and super lightweight construction to ensure the best range possible.

This tiny electric camper van might change the game

The Xbus promises a lot. If it can deliver on half of its promises, it will still be one of the coolest EVs in the game. However, if we think we will see an Xbus any time soon, that is a mistake. This will likely take a good while to get the kinks worked out. But when they figure it out, this should be mighty popular, especially because the eBussy is coming to America.


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