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A perfect Lego Hummer EV model is shaking things up online. Few fanbases are as creative as lovers of Lego building. The talent of one creator is gaining notoriety with their perfectly scaled model. Every small detail is perfectly modeled after the extreme electric vehicle. This powered mini Hummer EV is fully functional and ready to impress. It could be coming to a store near you.

A white Lego model of a Hummer EV
Lego Hummer EV | technic-AI

This Lego Hummer EV could become an official kit

This model was posted to Lego’s Ideas site by creator Technic-AI. The ideas site allows Lego fans to showcase their projects and share them with other builders. It also provides a pathway for fan-submitted projects to become officially licensed kits sold directly by Lego. Lego warns creators that this process could take years and requires careful promotion.

To be considered for production, a Lego project must gain 10,000 supporters on the Lego Ideas site. Once a project hits this milestone, it’s reviewed by Lego design experts. If Lego feels the project could become a successful retail kit, the project designer is invited to help design the end product working directly with Lego engineers.

Technic-AI is currently over 1000 supporters for the Hummer EV project. Lego estimates it typically takes creators a year to reach that level of popularity. This project hit this milestone within the first 60 days. Comments make it clear that fans love the project and think it should b be produced for others to build. It’s possible with enough fan support that this kit could someday be on retail shelves inviting creative builders to celebrate one of the most exciting leaps in electric vehicles.

This model handles like the real deal

Technic-AI did a stunning job of capturing the look of the Hummer EV, but they also painstakingly recreated the Hummer’s handling style. Each of its four wheels can move directionally independent of each other. This allows the model to execute the infamous crab crawl that Hummer EV fans can’t get enough of. Demonstrations of its handling

An adjustable suspension means this model can gain more clearance, just like the advanced SUV it’s modeled after. Functional details down to interior and exterior lights make this model a dynamic representation. The builder cited the technological advancement of the Hummer EV as a source of inspiration for the build, and it shows. This model shows abject appreciation for the cutting-edge design of the Hummer EV.

Every detail was carefully recreated

An interior close up of the interior of a Hummer EV model built with Lego
Lego Hummer EV interior | Technic-AI

More than 2200 parts were used to build this incredible functioning model. This incredibly detailed model is fully functional and contains the main mechanical features of the Hummer EV. The builder used 1 Powered Up hub and 4 power motors to power the model. The truck features all-wheel drive and an adjustable suspension that lifts to clear 6 Lego studs.

The incredibly detailed interior looks ready for passengers. The doors of this model Hummer EV all open. Components down to a functional and accurate multi-pro tailgate and 400 cubic Lego stud front trunk storage. Accurate body details like fender flares and front light bar perfect the look.


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