Better Alternative To VW’s ID.Buzz Van: Electric Brands “eBussy” EV

It’s great that someone other than Volkswagen has come forward with a retro Microbus in the image of the original from back in the 1950s. Why? Because Volkswagen did their EV version in concept form back in 2017. Then it said it would go into production. In 2022. That’s over five years to develop a vehicle. That’s also ridiculous. Since it is taking that long there is a better alternative to Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz van: the Electric Brands “eBussy” EV.

In nature when a vacuum is created eventually something comes along to fill it. VW created a retro Microbus vacuum and now the German company Electric Brands is filling it. Electric Brands was an electric scooter company that needed an electric light-duty van. So it decided rather than wait for years to purchase an ID. Buzz it would take less time to develop their own. So they have. 

This is modular, so it comes in 10 different body configurations

The eBussy comes in many different body styles because it’s modular | EB

First, it’s modular, so it comes in 10 different body configurations. Everything from a pickup to flatbed and even a cargo van version are available. It also comes as either an urban version or an off-road configuration. Also, because of drive-by-wire technology and modularity, it can be driven from the left, right, or center of the front seat. Everything just slides and locks into place. Since there is no mechanical link connecting them with anything it makes this transformation easy. It even features four-wheel steering.

Power comes from a 10-kilowatt-hour battery pack in the base model.  Alone they can provide up to 124 miles of range. Factoring in the solar panels on the roof and regenerative braking there is the probability of more. 

When you factor in the solar panels you can potentially get almost 500 miles

Here’s one of the off-road versions | EB

If that’s not enough for you there is also a 30-kWh battery pack. This kicks up the range to 373 miles. When you factor in the solar panels you can potentially get almost 500 miles. Electric Brands also wants to provide a trick being used in China: having exchange charged batteries at various recharging stations. 

Electric motors are placed at each corner producing only 20 hp. They also produce 737 lb-ft of torque. The whole thing weighs between 992 and 1,322 lbs., depending on which body you have. And it can carry up to 2,200 lbs of payload. 

This is technically not a car but instead it’s like a side-by-side or heavy quadricycle

Inspired by the original VW Microbus | EB

For The 518th Time, There Is More VW ID Buzz News-Yawn!

Because there is no scale comparison we have to tell you this is small. Very small. It’s technically not a car but instead, it’s like a side-by-side or heavy quadricycle. There’s an EU classification that limits speeds to 28 mph, but the eBussy can actually hit 55 mph. So it might actually make it to the U.S. one day. Wouldn’t it be great if the eBussy could be scaled up to the size of a Ford Transit van or Nissan NV200? 

Prices seem pretty reasonable, too. The basic van is a bit over $22,000. With the most expensive version, the off-road camper, the price is under $34,000. That includes a fresh-water tank, TV, fridge, sink, and 82-inch x 52-inch space for sleeping. 

C’mon Electric Brands; scale this thing up and import it into the US.