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Rivian has been the talk of the town for a couple of years now. Although Tesla is the poster child for the EV movement, Rivian is the company that is putting a fine polish on the segment. Every step of the way, Rivian has proven that its number one concern is building the coolest electric pickup truck that people actually want. From EV chargers in the woods to the most recent addition, camper features built into the Rivian R1T

A yellow Rivian R1T parked in front of a house in the forest
Rivian R1T front 3/4 | Rivian

The Rivian R1T is the coolest electric truck thanks to these camper additions

Rivian has proven over and over that it really wants to build an electric truck that isn’t just hype and buzz words. The R1T is the coolest electric pickup truck because it’s a living monument to practicality and fun. Unlike most other EV manufacturers, Rivian seems to listen to what 4×4 and EV customers want and what they need to be and mix the two beautifully. 

The newest addition to the already impressive features list for the Rivian R1T is a set of all-new camper conversion features

The Rivian R1T is the coolest electric pickup truck

Rivian R1T is the coolest electric truck with its camper van mode featuring the Adventure Gear line.
Rivian R1T in camper mode | Rivian

The Rivian R1T is now offered with the Adventure Gear line. This set of optional extras adds to the already incredibly capable electric truck. According to New Atlas, the Adventure Gear line includes a bed-mounted rooftop tent, slide-out kitchen, Snow Peak cooking set, and other accessories, creating an all-terrain electric camper for as little as $72K.

From day one, the Rivian R1T was not only marketed as one of the earliest electric pickups but was also meant for the adventure travel crowd. If these overlanding/camper additions feel like Rivian is simply riding the current camper trend, guess again. 

When the Rivian R1T debuted in 2018, it did so with a roof-top tent. Adventure has always been the spirit of Rivian. The following year at Overland Expo West, Rivian showed up with a full-blown overlanding kit complete with the electric kitchenette. All that’s happening now is those features have been officially added to the online configurator. 

Will the R1T be a good overlander? 

Rivian R1T fitted with roof tent and electric kitchen
Rivian R1T | Rivian

Now that the Rivian R1T can officially be bought with a shelter and kitchen, the overlanding potential is pinging off the redline. Rivian decided to go with the King of roof-mounted gear, Yakima. 

This custom Yakima SkyRise HD Medium rooftop tent was made specifically for the Rivian R1T. When fully deployed, this tent can sleep up to three people. Like any good tent, the Yakima has openable mesh windows with rollable weather covers. The mounting system can be easily moved from the bed to the roof, depending on the load. On the roof, the Rivian crossbars can hold up to 250lbs. 

The kitchen is the real show stopper

Rivian Electric camp kitchen
Rivian Kitchenette | Rivian

OK. Calling it a “kitchen” is maybe a stretch. In true Rivian fashion, the slide-out kitchenette is practical, clever, and super cool. Let’s be honest; any truck can have a roof-top tent. The real overlanding camper aspect is this kitchenette. 

Unlike other campers, the kitchenette doesn’t take up any of the living space in the tent or cabin of the truck. It slides out of a compartment just in front of the passenger side rear wheel well. It is so cool and clever that it almost feels too good to be true. 

Keep your eyes on Rivian

Rivian has been consistently pushing the boundaries and making really great calls on product development. If the Rivian R1T and Rivian R1S are half as good as they seem to be, Tesla better watch its back. Unlike the Tesla Cyberturck – which has shown zero indication that it will/can do anything that it’s promised – the Rivian seems to keep delivering on its incredibly cool promises.

Make way for Rivian, world. 


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