Does the Ford Ranger Come With a V6 or Sunroof?

Although the Ford Ranger has a rather underwhelming interior, overall the mid-size truck has a lot to offer. For one, it can haul more than any other mid-size pickup on sale in the US. And while we can’t get the Raptor version here officially, the FX2 and FX4 off-road packages should be more than enough for most. And that’s before the other off-road mods you can fit. You can even get an official Ford Performance winch-ready bumper for the Ranger. But there are some options you can’t get.

Is there a Ford Ranger with a V6?

2019 Ford Ranger
2019 Ford Ranger | Ford

Not a new one. The only engine available with the US Ford Ranger is a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. We don’t even get the diesel engine that’s in the Ranger Raptor. In addition, even PaxPower’s homebrew Ranger Raptor doesn’t get a V6 swap.

But that’s not to say you can’t get any Ford Ranger with a V6. The Ranger originally bowed out of the US market in 2011. Before then, Ford did offer it with a V6. So, if you’re dead-set on getting a V6 Ranger, your only choice is to buy used.

2021 Bronco R Prototype Baja 1000 | Ford-001
2021 Bronco R Prototype Baja 1000 | Ford

At least, for now. We’ve heard rumors that the next-gen, 2021 Ford Ranger may get a 325-hp V6. Not only have Australian testing mules been spotted, but the Baja-racing Bronco R used a production-based V6. The Bronco and next-gen Ranger will allegedly share platforms. If that’s true, it wouldn’t be too difficult for Ford to put the Bronco’s V6 into the Ranger.

Can you get a Ford Ranger with a sunroof?

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor
2019 Ford Ranger Raptor | Ford UK

Once again, the answer is no. Although the Ford Ranger does offer power-sliding rear glass, it doesn’t come with a sunroof. But at one point, it did. Sort of.

Back in 1991, Ford commissioned the American Sunroof Company to build the SkyRanger. It featured a 4.0-liter V6, all-wheel drive, and a removable Targa roof. Not technically a sunroof, but same basic concept. Good luck trying to find one, though. Ford never sold more than 20, with some records putting total production as low as 17.

We haven’t heard anything about the 2021 truck coming with a sunroof. However, patent documents have shown that there could be a Bronco convertible pickup truck. And since the Bronco and next-gen Ranger may share platforms, it’s possible Ford could offer a convertible Ranger.

Are there any other noteworthy upcoming features?

2020 Ford Ranger RTR
2020 Ford Ranger RTR | Ford Performance

Australia’s Which Car allegedly caught a glimpse of the next-gen Ranger. Based on the images, the 2021 truck will feature styling similar to the current F-250 Super-Duty. But beyond the V6, we’ve heard no rumors about upcoming features.

Ford Ranger Raptor European Police Car
Ford Ranger Raptor European Police Car | Truck

However, it may be possible for Ford to bring the European diesel engine to the US. EU emissions regulations are tougher than the US’s, so if the diesel works there, it should work here. It’s also possible Ford may bring the full-blown Raptor here, as well. Although that depends on how affordable Ford can make it. The Welsh police are already using it to track down criminals. It might help US police cut down on fuel costs.