Does the Ford Ranger Have a Nice Interior?

Other than the F-150, Ford may not have many trucks that many Americans know about. But Ford does make other trucks, and the Ford Ranger is Ford’s mid-sized truck that’s available for Americans. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ranger’s interior before buying it.

Pros of the Ranger’s interior

U.S. News reported that many reviewers were satisfied with the comfort offered by the Ranger’s seats. The standard Ranger can seat up to four adults and with the SuperCrew option, the Ranger can seat up to five adults. The standard seats themselves are four-way adjustable, which means that they can accommodate drivers and passengers of many shapes and sizes. 

In terms of its infotainment systems, the Ranger has a 4.2-inch touchscreen display that’s linked to Ford’s SYNC infotainment system. This infotainment system is standard on the Ranger and it’s also voice-controlled. On top of that, U.S. News says that Ford offers a six-speaker stereo system and a WiFi hotspot as standard features on the latest model year of the Ranger. 

Consumer Reports mentions that the infotainment system of the Ranger was very easy to use, and U.S. News agrees with that assessment. In regards to other smart features, Ford offers a lot of standard smart safety features on the Ranger. These include automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, and Ford’s in-house Co-Pilot 360 suite of smart safety technologies. Plenty of optional smart safety features are also available on the Ranger.

Cons of the Ranger’s interior

The biggest con that reviewers had about the Ranger’s interior had to do with the material and feel of the interior. In short, U.S. News and Consumer Reports said that the interior of the Ranger both looked outdated and felt outdated. Some reviewers, such as CNET, were less critical of the Ranger’s interior, but even CNET said that the Ranger’s interior felt like a step back for Ford. 

While the seats were generally praised for their comfort, Consumer Reports mentioned that the rear seats lacked legroom for taller adults. On top of that, Consumer Reports thought that the standard cloth seats didn’t provide enough support. Ford does offer leather and vinyl seats in the more expensive trims of the Ranger, but U.S. News reported other issues with those trims. 

For instance, New York Daily News said that an almost $40,000 trim of the Ranger simply didn’t feel like its interior was worth that kind of money. According to New York Daily News, the interior of the Ranger was full of cheap and hard plastics and the interior lacked many colors as well. Overall, New York Daily News didn’t think that the interior of $40,000 trim of the Ranger was worth it, but it also didn’t think that the standard Ranger’s interior was worth it, either. 

Another con that Consumer Reports found with the Ranger’s interior was in its ability to cancel out noise. It was very average in this regards and it wasn’t even close to beating the best in class mid-sized pickup truck for quiet noise levels, the Honda Ridgeline.

Does it have a nice interior?

Overall, probably not. Like U.S. News mentioned, the great pros of the Ranger were in its smart systems and infotainment systems, but everything else was either just average or not that great. Most people, when they buy a truck, are just looking for a solid work truck. But even in that sense, the Ranger falls behind other mid-sized trucks, like the Chevy Colorado

What’s even worse was that many critics didn’t think that the pricier trims of the Ranger were worth it. That just goes to show that there might be bigger problems at Ford than the quality of the Ranger’s interior.