Check Out the New Ford Ranger’s Quirks and Features

The Ford Ranger was discontinued from U.S. markets following the 2011 model year. Ford introduced this compact pickup truck in 1983, but as the sport utility vehicle market continued to explode, the company replaced this budget-friendly truck with the popular Ford Explorer. Now, Ford is adding back a 2019 Ford Ranger that is midsized and incorporates many design and feature changes as listed by NADA Guides.

  • Body Styles – SuperCab and SuperCrew
  • Trim levels – XL, XLT, and Lariat
  • A Single Powertrain – a turbocharged, 2.3-liter 4-cylinder engine
  • Ranger Engine Delivery – 370 hp and 310 lb/ft of torque
  • 10-speed automatic transmission
  • Rear-wheel or 4-wheel drive
  • Optional FX4 Off-Road package
  • Standard forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking
  • Available adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring with trailer coverage
  • Lane-departure warning, and lane-keeping assist systems

If you looking for the price of the various Ford Ranger models, you’ll find indepth Ford Ranger price information here.

Popular and very honest auto test driver Doug DeMuro (in partnership with AutoTrader) has already checked out the 2019 Ford Ranger, and he has found some rather interesting quirks along with impressive features that are worthy of the Ford Ranger nameplate.

2019 Ford Ranger Best Features

DeMuro tested the Lariat trim level of the new Ford Ranger. Even though that doesn’t put the Ranger in the luxury truck category, it does give you access to many safety features such as a lane-keeping assist button and adaptive cruise control which automatically adjusts your speed according to the flow of traffic.

A neat feature that the Ford Ranger designers decided to include is a hierarchy of sound for different auto functions. For instance, if your hazard lights are blinking and sounding, when you open the door – the door open chime is elevated above the sound of the blinkers. Sounds that are considered less important are muted, making it more difficult to tumble out of a door that is ajar.

Tired of fumbling through your truck’s work bed at night to find a work tool. This Ford Ranger has an easy-to-access trunk bed light that makes everything easier to find. You may also like the cool, block lettered “Ranger” imprint that is pressed into the tailgate metal instead of being painted on. 

If you’ve ever knocked your side-view mirror while backing into a tight garage space, then you may appreciate the Ford Ranger’s mirror fold and unfold button that quickly brings the driver side mirror out of harm’s way. Back seat passengers will enjoy the two centered USB charging ports and 120v, household electrical outlet!

2019 Ranger Quirks

Don’t expect the multi-functional tailgate step system that the new Ford F150 has. The new Ranger bed entry has the same pull-down tailgate, so you’ll have to hop up onto the back end. And if you’re thinking about the extended cab body style, the back seat leg area is pretty cramped. No worries for small kids or a short trip with adults in the back, but anything else would require the front seats to be pulled forward for back seat comfort.

Another note of warning from this reviewer – the back seats rise at a straight, 90-degree angle. And without that bit of backward tilt to a car seat, you will find long drives may be excruciating for your back seat passengers. For these reasons, go for the crew cab if you’re hauling people in addition to cargo.

You’ll also find some quirky storage in the passenger area of the Ford Ranger. The back seat bottoms are removable, and that’s where you find the tire jack under one seat and a hidden storage compartment under the other. 

We’ll be watching and waiting to see if this was the perfect time to bring back the Ford Ranger. Bottom line, if you’re okay with back-to-basics pickup truck with maximum towing capacity in excess of 7,500 pounds and you don’t mind the lack of a V6 engine option, then the 2019 Ford Ranger is still a good work truck. The styling is less boxy and has a more adventurous look. And best of all, the 2019 Ford Ranger is priced under $25,000, which is thousands of dollars less than what you’d pay for a base model F-150.