How You Can Get a Ford Ranger Raptor in the US

The Ford Ranger has a lot to offer mid-size pickup buyers. Among its features is a strong base for customization, especially for off-roaders. However, unlike its full-size brother, there’s no Raptor version. The Ford Ranger Raptor has made quite a few fans across the Atlantic already. Ford might offer a Ranger Raptor when the next generation comes to the US, but up until now, we could only envy from afar. But not anymore. Texas-based tuner PaxPower, the company behind the Silverado Jackal, can make a Ranger Raptor for the USA. And in some ways, it’s even better than the one we can’t have.

Raptor-izing the US Ranger

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Before/After by PaxPower

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At the moment, the most off-road-capable US Ranger is the Ranger FX4. This is the version PaxPower uses to make their Ranger Raptor.

Ford supplies the FX4 Ranger with off-road-spec monotube shocks. PaxPower basically throw that away. The company replaces it with a BajaKits Prerunner long-travel suspension kit. PaxPower then fits 2.5” King front coilovers and rear shocks.

As Smith and Sniff noted in their Ranger Raptor review, part of the mid-size Raptor’s appeal is its design. PaxPower have taken that to heart in making their version of the Ranger Raptor. In fact, the Texas tuner even sourced OEM Ranger Raptor parts. Fender flares, taillights, tailgate, and especially the OEM Ranger Raptor grille.

For the final build, PaxPower also replaced the stock wheels with Icon models, and fitted the truck with Toyo R/T tires. The company also custom fabricated ADD Stealth Fighter bumpers.

UK vs US Ranger Raptor: Performance

PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor
PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor | PaxPower

The non-NA Ranger Raptor, like the F-150 Raptor, comes with Fox Pro shocks. Without driving both back-to-back, suspension quality is difficult to evaluate. However, PaxPower has stated that the King and BajaKits suspension mods in their Silverado Jackal are comparable, if not better, than the F-150’s Fox shocks. Therefore, the US Ranger Raptor should handle roughly as well as the UK version.

The UK Ranger Raptor has been tested by used-car platform CarWow. One in comparison with the previous-gen SVT Raptor, and again against the current Ranger Raptor. Both times, the Ranger came in last. That’s due to its turbodiesel engine, which makes just 213 hp and 369 lb-ft. In CarWow’s last test, the diesel Ranger Raptor needed 18.7 seconds to do the quarter-mile.

At the moment, no one has road-tested the PaxPower Ranger Raptor. However, the US version would almost certainly be quicker. Being based on the US Ranger FX4, it comes with a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. With 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque, Motor Trend was able to run the quarter-mile in 15.2 seconds. PaxPower’s suspension, wheel, and tire mods would most likely change that number, but not enough for the UK Ranger Raptor to win in a drag race.

UK vs US Ranger Raptor: Features

PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor
PaxPower Ford Ranger Raptor | PaxPower

With PaxPower using the FX4 as a base, the US Raptor doesn’t miss out on many features compared to the UK version. The US FX4 package already gives the Ranger the Terrain Management SystemTM and Trail ControlTM found in both the UK Raptor and the F-150 Raptor. Terrain ManagementTM lets the driver choose between driver modes based on terrain and weather conditions. Trail ControlTM is essentially cruise control for off-roading.

However, the ‘official’ Raptors have an additional Baja Mode. Although the PaxPower Ranger Raptor has the same 10-speed automatic as the UK version, it doesn’t have Baja or Sport Mode. The US Ranger Raptor also doesn’t have the UK version’s interior upgrades, such as the bolstered seats and magnesium shift paddles.

How to Get a US Ford Ranger Raptor

The conversion kit is available for both the 2019 and 2020 Ford Ranger FX4. As of this writing, PaxPower have not released official pricing for their Ranger Raptor build. The company claims to be the first US tuner to have such an OEM-style build. The exclusivity, and off-road ability, may be worth the price.