Rusty International Harvester classic truck
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What You Need to Know About Truck and SUV Rust Protection

Whether you’re considering buying a classic truck or prepping your SUV for winter, rust is always a concern. Although it’s commonly thought of as an ‘old vehicle’ problem, rust issues still plague modern trucks and SUVs. Even well-reviewed ones like the Ram 1500 and Toyota Tacoma. But with the correct care and prep-work, rust isn’t …

2019 Ford F-150 Black Ops Edition
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The Ford F-150 Black Ops Edition Isn’t as Cringe-Worthy as It Looks

Not every special-edition truck is valuable. Many offer little beyond cosmetic upgrades. For example, you can option a normal F-150 to match up with the Harley-Davidson edition and save almost $20,000. But monetary value isn’t always what makes special editions appealing. Some, like the F-150 Tonka edition, have an emotional appeal. And despite its appearance, …

2021 Chevy Trailblazer
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Operation Blazing Speed: Chevrolet Blazer Supercharged by Lingenfelter

While relatively affordable, the Chevrolet Blazer hasn’t had the smoothest debut. In addition to the UAW issues, the base engine has been criticized for its lack of power. Opting for the turbocharged four-cylinder or the V6 does improve things. But some owners—actually, quite a few—still want more than 308 hp. Luckily, the Blazer’s V6 is …

Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept
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What the Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Truck Prototype Reveals

The upcoming Hyundai Santa Cruz comes at the front of a mid-size and compact pickup truck resurgence. But information on the ‘compact utility vehicle’, as Hyundai calls it, has been fairly scarce. We know it’s coming in 2021, and that it’ll be produced at Hyundai’s Montgomery, Alabama factory. But beyond conflicting platform rumors, that’s about …

2020 Nissan Frontier | Nissan 001
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Buy a Nissan Frontier If You Hate Driver-Assistance Features

With technology constantly advancing, many auto manufacturers are using this technology to equip its vehicles with some of the most state-of-the-art safety and convenient features.  The Nissan Frontier’s technological features, however, have been known to be years behind other trucks in its class, especially when it comes to its driver-assist features. This year, Nissan announced it would …

Ecotuned electric Ford F-150
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You Don’t Have to Wait for an Electric F-150 Anymore

Ford’s all-electric F-150 is coming…eventually. Although the automaker is working with Rivian, who is making its own electric pickup, the electric F-Series might not arrive until 2021. Maybe in 2020, if development goes smoothly. By then, the Rivian R1T and Bollinger B2 will have debuted, too, leaving Ford with a fight on its hands. But …

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen
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Buying a Mercedes-Benz G-Class Isn’t Necessarily an Expensive Mistake

In the tier list of off-road SUVs, the Mercedes G-Class stands at the top. With three locking differentials, a ladder frame and all-wheel drive, the original didn’t need a big engine to conquer trails. And as it evolved into the luxury tank of today, its appeal only grew. But Mercedes-Benz never lost sight of the …

2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition
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Buying a Toyota 4Runner Is a Great Defense Against Depreciation

Although the Toyota 4Runner recently received several valuable updates, it didn’t really need them to be popular. The 4Runner, especially the off-road TRD Pro model, recently enjoyed one of its best sales years. No, even with its updates it isn’t the most advanced SUV, but fans seem to prefer it that way. Owners keep their …

Range Rover Sport SVR Off Road
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Why Are Range Rovers so Expensive and Are They Worth It?

Land Rover’s Range Rover may be one of the reasons so many people associate SUVs with luxury and status. It combined the go-anywhere capability of the original Land Rover with on-road refinement and a quality interior. Decades later, it’s still a very refined and competent SUV on pavement and over muddy grass. Although considering it’s …

2019 Chevy ZR2 Bison | Chevrolet
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MotorTrend Loved Driving the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

Lately, off-roading has become so popular, that many automakers have decided to cash in, building some truly impressive trucks that are designed specifically for off-road adventures. To test these off-road trucks out, MotorTrend has had a great time dreaming up new challenges for each of these vehicles. The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison is the off-road …