2005 International Extreme Pickup | International-00
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International CXT Largest Production Pickups Ever

There is a class of pickup truck called “extreme trucks” which are massive pickups combining a heavy-duty commercial truck chassis with a traditional eight-foot pickup bed. Created by International Trucks, these are some of the largest production pickups ever, manufactured from 2004-2008. The heavy-duty-meets-pickup-box mashups had been available from aftermarket conversion builders. Actually, they still …

A sheet covers the 2020 Ford Bronco
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Ford’s Baby Bronco Deserves a Pickup Truck Variant

The hype surrounding the upcoming Ford Bronco line continues to build. Every time information leaks or a patent is published, it sets off a flurry of speculation. Most of this has centered around the ‘main’ Bronco: engine choices, removable doors, possible convertible pickup version. But there’s going to be a ‘baby Bronco’, too. Beyond the …