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SUVs Guzzling up Fuel Savings, not Pickup Trucks

Even before the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its report, industries around the world started to at least attempt to curtail emissions. The automotive world, in particular, accelerated their environmental plans. With both the IPCC report and Dieselgate, the push for more EVs has never been stronger. However, in the meantime, gasoline still reigns …

2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition
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Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition Promises Overland Adventures

It is hardly a surprise that Toyota is the most valuable automaker in the world. Thanks to its dedication to producing reliable and versatile vehicles with the most up-to-date technology, Toyota is widely understood to be a dependable company for quality automobiles. The 2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition is no exception. According to MotorTrend, the …

2020 Nissan TITAN PRO-4X
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3 Nissan Titan Reviews You Need to Read Before Buying

Nissan has been making reliable cars, crossovers, and SUVs for years. Trying to break into the truck segment may have been a rough one, with Nissan still trying to balance its signature ability to build functional-yet-luxurious vehicles. And a full-size truck that isn’t functional won’t be a best-seller. With its breakthrough truck, the Titan, Nissan …

2017 Ford F550 Super Duty Diesel Indomitus 6x6
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Be Diesel Royalty with This Ford F-550 Diesel 6×6

We at MotorBiscuit firmly believe that axles add awesome. Hennessey Performance offers such an option for Ford F-150 Raptor owners. Sadly, other F-Series trucks, especially heavy-duty ones, have been left out of the fun. And there aren’t any diesel options. Fortunately, an opportunity has presented itself. There’s a Ford F-550 Super Duty Diesel 6×6 up …

2019 Toyota RAV4 Top IIHS Safety Pick
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IIHS Study Suggests Trucks Are a Danger on the Road

Safety isn’t just a selling point: it’s a necessity. With pedestrian deaths on the rise, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has begun adding additional requirements into its safety ratings. Recently, the IIHS also released a study into the compatibility between cars and SUVs and trucks. While SUV safety rating improvements have yielded good results, …