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The Mid-Engine Corvette Reveal Nearly Broke Chevrolet’s Website

Ever since Chevrolet announced their intention to manufacture a mid-engine Corvette, fans have clamored for more information. The slightest rumor about the vehicle sends ripples of excitement through the internet’s automotive community, so Roadshow’s report that the mid-engine Corvette reveal nearly broke Chevrolet’s website surprised no one. The reveal As July 18, 2019 approached, Corvette …

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Recession, Brexit, and Union Negotiations Could Tank Global Car Industry

Today’s more-than-800-point drop in the stock market confirms the warning signs many financial scribes and analysts have been bleating; that there’s another recession heading our way. Less demand for vehicles and the Trump tariffs are causing carmakers to back off of some product plans to help weather a possible recession, according to Reuters.  Add to …