2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty Mac Truck
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The Pros and Cons of Bigger Truck Wheels

One of the most important things to improve before taking your truck off-roading is ground clearance. This keeps your truck’s underbody—and all its mechanical components—from hitting big rocks and other obstacles. In addition, as factory off-roaders like the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 demonstrate, adding ground clearance improves approach and departure angles, letting the truck crawl over …

Chevy Suburban National Vehicle of Texas
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Chevy Petitions Suburban Be “National Vehicle of Texas”

We’re not making this up. Chevy has launched a petition on change.org to make the Suburban the national vehicle of Texas. Celebrating 85 years of manufacturing the ubiquitous truck, Chevy wants to play up the Suburban’s Texas connections.  Those connections include being manufactured at the Arlington Assembly Plant in Arlington, Texas. Of the top 10 …

2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel
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Is the Diesel Chevrolet Colorado Good Enough to Buy?

In the automotive world, focus on sustainability clearly remains a priority in new cars and technologies. From electric cars to fuel efficiency, vehicle manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to improve the environmental footprint of their cars and impress customers. In the world of trucks, one important tool that manufacturers are bringing to bear is …

Neuron EV Startup | Neuron-00
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Neuron Is An EV Truck Startup With Cool Renderings

There are more all-electric pickup trucks coming. Neuron EV is a start-up EV manufacturer located in Irvine, California. It recently revealed both a futuristic-looking electric pickup truck dubbed T/ONE and also an electric semi-truck called TORQ. Both have a family resemblance, somewhat like the Tesla semi-truck The T/ONE looks like it could be built into …

Lamborghini LM002
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What’s the Real Difference in a Classic and Vintage Truck?

Classic pickups are becoming more popular. Whether it’s the increasingly expensive luxuries offered on modern trucks or visions from Instagram off-roaders, isn’t precisely clear. But the older trucks’ simpler designs, while important to keep in mind, clearly play into it. But as these trucks’ presence becomes more prevalent, there might be a growing issue to …

1947 Dodge Power Wagon Woodie Legacy Restoration
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The Most Important Thing to Consider Before Buying a Classic Pickup Truck

The pickup truck market is changing. Not only are new trucks offering more luxuries, but older ones are rising in value. Some restored and modified classic trucks command big auction prices, but there are still a few affordable ones out there. Whether you intend to buy one as an investment, or to enjoy on a …

Porsche Panamera
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Why Hasn’t Porsche Made a Pickup Truck?

Enthusiasts may consider the 911 the quintessential Porsche, but the iconic sports car isn’t the German automaker’s big earner. Both the Cayenne and Macan have proved immensely popular, as has the Panamera sedan. Even the recently-announced electric Taycan may outsell the 911. Porsche doesn’t just make sports cars anymore: it makes luxury vehicles, too. But …

Lamborghini LM002
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Lamborghini LM002: When Lamborghini Made a Pickup Truck

Although not every low-production limited-edition truck is valuable, the classic pickup market is beginning to heat up. Several customized trucks have commanded big prices at past auctions. But, many of the in-demand vintage pickups are utilitarian workhorses. Trucks made to work, rugged and capable. These kinds of qualities are why old trucks tend to hold …

2019 Ford F-150 Limited
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Why Ford’s Aluminum Truck Bed Might Be Better for You

Manufacturers are always coming up with new and innovative ways to make their pickup trucks stand out in the market. Technology was the area that automakers targeted the most. At least, until gas mileage became the focus for consumers. One particular automotive production company paved the way for something that turned out to be quite controversial …

2019 Rivian Seattle Event-Rivian
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Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Caught Filming Live

The electric pickup truck market is about to accelerate in a hurry. Tesla is almost ready to reveal its ‘Blade Runner-inspired’ design, and Bollinger recently announced pricing details for its B2 off-road pickup. But perhaps the biggest news comes courtesy of Rivian. Although the company’s R1T pickup won’t be available until 2020, Amazon recently ordered …

Massive Winter Storm Brings Snow And Heavy Winds Across Large Swath Of Eastern Seaboard
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Consumer Reports Says These Are the Best and Worst Truck Snow Tires

Although not every pickup truck is used for plowing, many truck owners are familiar with winter’s dangers. For them, snow and ice don’t mean work stops—they just mean wearing more layers and driving more carefully. Snow tires (or ‘winter tires’) help with the last part. Even with all-wheel or four-wheel drive, snow tires are a …