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How Much Does a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Cost?

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 may be a mid-size truck, but it’s certainly equipped to go toe-to-toe with its full-size competitors. For starters, the 2.8-liter turbo four-cylinder engine produces 369 lb-ft of torque, which enables a towing capacity of 7,700 pounds. That’s just shy of the Ford Raptor’s V-8 towing capacity of 8,000 pounds. Secondly, while …

2019 Toyota Tundra
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3 Toyota Tundra Reviews You Need to Read Before Buying

Unfortunately for Toyota, the competition in the full-size truck market is stiff. Best-selling automakers like Ford, Ram, and Chevrolet are continuously making the most reliable, capable trucks on the market. Can Toyota, known for its advancements in technology and economy, keep up with the truck-making giants? Its current full-size pickup, the Tundra, seems to fade …

2020 Audi RS 4 Avant
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New Audi RS 4 Avant Makes 443 hp, but Only for Europe

Automaker Audi is known for its fast and luxurious cars. Blending sporty performance and modern functionality, Audi delivers continuous best-sellers. Its newest performance car is a sporty wagon that, unfortunately, won’t be hitting U.S. shores. And the 2020 RS 4 Avant might look like a wagon, but don’t let its functional appearance confuse you. This …