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If you’ve been patiently waiting for deliveries of the Volkswagen id. Buzz van, we hope your patience lasts until early 2025. That’s when it is finally showing up at VW dealerships. We also hope you’re prepared for what it will cost because VW is taking a long time to finally reveal what its MSRP really is. And that means it is going to cost more than estimates floating about. 

And those estimates are based on how much the VW id. Buzz sells in Europe. VW sells a two-seat short version there, which starts at $40,000. But that’s not even close to the VW id. Buzz we’ll be getting in the U.S. This one is longer and has three rows of seats, featuring a larger battery. 

How much is the shorter Euro VW id. Buzz van?

2025 Volkswagen id. Buzz van driving on highway
2025 Volkswagen id. Buzz van | VW

That means it is heavier, which takes range away. On Europe’s WLTP cycle, the shorter id. Buzz gets 263 miles of range. But the U.S. uses a different testing method by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). So the range could be significantly shorter based on the added weight and different testing procedures. Oh, and as of now, VW is not saying what the range will be.

Nor is it saying the price. In Europe, the VW id Buzz starts at £57,115, or around $66,000 here. But again, the European id. Buzz is a different id. Buzz. For its part, VW told Electrek it “might” sell for a lower price in the U.S. Everything from optional features to price, range, and trims is still a secret. So the answer to why it is so expensive is we don’t know. We’re waiting for VW to prove us wrong.

Is the VW id. Buzz Cargo version coming here?

Blue 2025 Volkswagen id. Buzz van rear 3/4 view
2025 Volkswagen id. Buzz van | VW

The Cargo van version is also another version of the id. Buzz that won’t be coming here. That is also puzzling, with VW saying it’s because of the U.S. chicken tax. Because it is a commercial vehicle, it gets that dreaded tax. But the three-row version is not a commercial vehicle. For now, the van will be imported from Germany. 

VW is not known for maneuvering well through the U.S. automotive landscape. Missteps, allocations, and odd options and models are part of its image here. Not to mention the staying power of VW’s Dieselgate emissions debacle. 

How does a $65,000 price compare with other EV SUVs

Blue 2025 Volkswagen id. Buzz van on sand
2025 Volkswagen id. Buzz van | VW

Should the VW id. Buzz get to the U.S. for under $65,000, it will still be one of the more expensive electric SUVs on the market. With so much anticipation over the van, it may not be a tall-enough barrier to trim sales. But we all know about base prices and hot models. Few ever get built, with the majority being option-laden versions. After all, that’s where the money is. 

Once VW finds it in its best interests to reveal anything more than color options, which, by the way, are Cabana Blue, Metro Silver, and Indium Grey, everyone will have to continue to be vigilant for any eke of information from Wolfsburg.


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