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VW ID Buzz

News About VW’s ID Buzz “Retro” Van Keeps Getting Worse

First it was the years of continual teasers for VW's ID Buzz retro van. Then it was the testing shots of the disappointing productionized version. But now reports from German newspapers and two respected auto publications reveal an impossibly high price VW wants for its electric van.

What could possibly be bad about VW’s most anticipated vehicle in years; the ID Buzz retro van? One thing is that VW has been teasing it for years and years. That should be rectified soon, with its debut coming in the middle of next month. But the latest news is just bad.

Really? Over $60,000 for the ID Buzz?

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz van concept | VW

Solid rumors out of Germany are saying that the price for the ID Buzz will start at over $60,000. Really? We’ve already been disappointed with the production version being a much less compelling van from its concept incarnation. That does usually happen, but not to the extent that it has with the ID Buzz. 

But $60,000+ for the base price is exorbitant. And how many base models do you think VW will make in this seller’s market environment? According to published accounts in several German newspapers, VW spokespersons have said its desire is for the ID Buzz to sell “below €60,000.” Translating to $68,000, could €60,000 really be $72,000 once it lands off of the boat? 

See, once you dig deeper, it looks worse. Now, these are guarded comments from VW. But internally, VW knows to the penny how much the van will retail for. So why be coy?

Is VW embarrassed to reveal the ID Buzz price?

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz van concept interior | VW

With its debut only weeks away, if the price weren’t so embarrassing, VW would be shouting it from rooftops right now. So its silence means only one thing. The company prefers you not know the price, which would get in the way of its buzz, no pun intended. 

In both German publications Auto, Motor und Sport; and Automobilwoche, speculation is that the price will be somewhere around €55,000. That is $62,500 in the US. That’s better, but by very little. 

But there’s more. Auto, Motor und Sport goes on to say that “if you are in a hurry and want to be one of the first Buzz owners, VW offers a specially equipped ‘First Edition.’ This will probably cost well over €70,000.” That’s almost $80,000. Are they kidding? Was this its April Fools edition?

A “People” and “Cargo” version of the van will be offered

VW ID Buzz
VW ID Buzz van concept | VW

While two versions of the ID Buzz will be offered, the ID Buzz People and ID Buzz Cargo, these prices are expected for the more expensive People version. The Cargo should come in cheaper as it comes minus rear seats and other creature comforts. 

But that is little consolation for these rumored prices. Maybe VW is looking at the prices that its restored early Microbusses are selling at? It shouldn’t. That’s a whole other realm. But we don’t know what could be giving it the impression that its van could be desirable enough to be asking around $70,000? 

Hey, Volkswagen, we know you’re proud of your latest product, but get real. MotorBiscuit will cover the unveiling when we expect the pricing will have to be revealed. We hope, for the sake of the van and company, that it comes in under $50,000. Even at that, after the initial demand, it seems it will be a very hard sell. 


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