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The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is an electric microbus that draws inspiration from the rich history of Volkswagen buses. VW has produced funky buses that have gained a huge international following. The ID. Buzz manages to tap into the zeitgeist of its predecessors while hinting at what’s to come in the electric future. Is it time to prepare to place an order, or should consumers be more cautious about the innovative new electric vehicle nameplate?

The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is in a lane of its own

Google Search calls the VW ID. Buzz a minivan. Volkswagen refers to it as a bus. Former VW bus owners will have their own personal reference point to understand what the German automaker’s thought process was when designing the far-out EV. Its silhouette is reminiscent of a bygone era when the world was more relaxed. Its sharp features and mechanical components seem more futuristic than modern. The Volkswagen ID. Buzz is a vehicle out of time, and its inability to fit in is exactly what makes it so special.

Volkswagen, like most major automakers, is on a path to creating an entire portfolio of electric vehicles in the future. VW has already produced one of its most practical EV nameplates, the ID.4. The Volkswagen ID.4 has the best shot at becoming ubiquitous before other VW EVs because of the popularity of its vehicle segment. The ID. Buzz is practical in its own right, but it has the potential to dominate in a completely different way.

The ID. Buzz just screams fun from its “characteristic smile” (VW’s way of describing its headlights and front bumper) to its unique exterior and vibrant colors. The VW ID. Buzz wasn’t created to become the world’s most popular EV. It was made to be different, and that could give it a competitive edge.

VW ID. Buzz orders are already piling up

A green Volkswagen ID. Buzz is parked.
The Volkswagen ID. Buzz | Volkswagen

According to InsideEVs, Volkswagen has 20,000 ID. Buzz orders before the vehicle’s official dealership launch in Europe. The ID. Buzz is Top Gear’s Electric Car of the Year. Europe clearly has love for the electric microbus, so what does that mean for the United States?

Chances are that if consumers across the pond are lovin’ the Buzz, consumers in America will too. The VW ID. Buzz could sell a huge number of pre-orders like the Ford F-150 Lightning because of all the hype. If the demand for the ID. Buzz is as high in America as it is in the U.K., then you should jump on the pre-order as soon as it’s available if you want one. The industry has faced production and supply chain woes, but getting an order in will ensure your place in a line that seems inevitably long.

Why are people buzzing about the Volkswagen ID. Buzz?

Sure, the Volkswagen ID. Buzz has a (subjectively) cool exterior, but what about performance specs? One of the many reasons that consumers are buzzing about the Buzz is because it’s a practical mainstream electric microbus based on its specs. That’s an industry first.

The European version of the rear-wheel drive ID. Buzz gets the equivalent of 225 miles of driving range. High speeds decrease the EV’s total range due to energy consumption. It isn’t the most practical EV by a long shot, but a home charger and a local charging station will make it practical enough for most average drivers. Ideally, Volkswagen’s company Electrify America will expand its network of charging stations to the point where fast charging is easily accessible across America in the next few years.

People are excited about the ID. Buzz not just because of what it is, but because of what it has the potential to become in the future as EV charging infrastructure develops and the nameplate evolves. So, when order banks open in America, don’t wait too long to jump on the ID. Buzz if you’re interested in the new electric microbus.


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