This Camper Is Lighter Than a Harley Davidson

With camper trailers, often bigger is better. A big camper means more living space, gear, creature comforts, and time spent out in the wilderness. But, bigger also means more money to buy and a bigger, more expensive vehicle to tow it. Not to mention the amount of space it requires to store a full-sized camper when it’s not being used. All of these considerations have made way for a slew of new tiny camper trailers offering fewer amenities but a far more practical set up. The Boony Stomper by Sunnyside Offroad is one such camper that is tiny and shockingly lightweight. 

Tow it with literally anything you want

What is so cool about this camper is that it was designed to be towed behind something as small as a side-by-side UTV, says Gear Patrol. We are moving from practical to downright unstoppable. The Boony Stomper is specifically designed to traverse the trails as well. Between the size and capability of both the Boony Stomper camper and a UTV, I doubt there is much of anywhere you couldn’t get to. 

The Boony Stomper camper | Sunnyside Offroad
The Boony Stomper camper | Sunnyside Offroad

When I light and small, I mean light and small. The Boomy Stomper only weighs 586 lbs. To put that into perspective, the lightest Harley Davidson Road King weighs 807 lbs. I know, that’s a big one. What about the smallest bike Harley Davidson makes, the Sportster? Well, Sportsters clock in at 591 lbs. This camper that sleeps two is an astounding 6 lbs lighter than the lightest Harley Davidson. Incredible. 

What’s it like inside the Boony Stomper?

As Gear Patrol reports, the Boony Stomper is a simple, bare-bones, no-frills camper made for raw practically. Even though it is simple, that doesn’t mean it’s not cozy and still a huge upgrade from a tent. The Stomper is six feet and seven inches long and designed to sleep two.

The Boony Stomper camper | Sunnyside Offroad
The Boony Stomper camper | Sunnyside Offroad

The floors are an easily washable linoleum. The cabin has a good bit of seam-sealed storage to keep dirt and water out. 

What is it made of?

The Boony Stomper is a hard-side camper made from aluminum. Feel free to trust in its off-road readiness because it has a custom-made long-travel suspension and sits on either off-road or on-road specific tires based on what you choose. 

The Boony Stomper camper
The Boony Stomper camper | Sunnyside Offroad

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But won’t pulling a camper mess with all the UTV fun? 

According to Gear Patrol, the Co-founder of the company, John Whipple, doesn’t think so. He says that the Boony Stomper is meant to keep from impeding the UTV hellraising in any way. Whipple goes on to say, “If everybody else is going by me at 60 miles per hour and I have to go 30 (mph) because I’m pulling a trailer, that’s just a deal-stopper.” Not only is it small enough to be pulled by a UTV, but it was specifically designed to be pulled at tear-ass speeds, even off-road. 

The Boony Stomper is for the people

They kept the camper fairly affordable at $8,394 to start. If you want to jazz it up a bit, you can get a custom paint job for a couple hundred bucks more and even snag a camo wrap for around $800. If you so choose, you can also have Sunnyside Offroad throw in a 19-inch TV, a second door, and a custom-fitted mattress.