Never Worry About Charging Your EV Again With This Camper

Remote work and camper living have never been more appealing than they are now. The world is a stressful and anxiety-ridden landscape full of political mess, social injustice, and of course, a pandemic. Many people are taking to the more wild parts of the world for rest, recovery, and safety. While the idea of camper living or van life can be appealing, many obstacles can make the reality of that life challenging to maintain. The 2021 Living Vehicle is here to address these concerns. 

What is a Living Vehicle? 

Unlike many other tow-behind campers, Living Vehicle is a full-blown, self-sustaining mobile home base. Aside from its luxury interior appointments, this camper is uniquely suited to living off-grid. Expedition Portal lays out all the ways that the Living Vehicle uniquely outfitted to provide and store a massive amount of solar power. 

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The solar panels can be configured to accommodate up to 3,000 watts. When at full charge with no added solar power, the LV can be powered for an impressive 20 days. 

What’s new for LV? 

Volta Power Systems and LV have teamed up to bring a new and incredible feature to this astonishing future camper. With the growth of the EV market and customers, more people might find themselves worried about taking an EV out into the wild with no way to recharge, if needed. Well, that is no longer a concern if you have an LV. That’s right! The 2021 model will allow campers to charge their EV off the power of the camper. 

What is Volta Power Systems? 

According to Expedition Portal, VPS is a collection of master electricians, electrical engineers, and scientists who are devoted to making “complete lithium-ion energy systems for virtually any mobile application.”

VPS has essentially built a self-contained power grid that allows for devices that couldn’t typically be supported by the power available in an RV without a generator, like a washer and drier, Microwave, or even recharging an EV. 

Living Vehicle interior | Living Vehicle
Living Vehicle interior | Living Vehicle

The EV truck market is coming in hot, and the folks at LV are ready. Matthew Hofmann, co-founder and lead designer at Living Vehicle, said, “Many of our customers have down-payments on electric trucks like Tesla’s Cybertruck or the Rivian, which require access to reliable charging for long-term, off-grid use.”

Living Vehicle camper trim levels 

There are three main trim options for 2021; the Core, Max, and Pro. The Core models come standard with a 9-kilowatt-hour electrical battery bank that is powered by a 1,320-watt solar array that comes standard and is upgradable to 2,540 watts with the optional solar awning.

Living Vehicle interior
Living Vehicle interior | Living Vehicle

As of 2021, the Core can be upgraded to the Core HD, which comes with heavy-duty axels allowing up to a 4,500-lb capacity for hauling extra gear and equipment. The Core HD also allows for level 1 EV charging and starts at $229,995. 

Max trim 

The middling package is the Max trim, which features a more robust power storage and output bank. The solar panel array for this camper is also upgraded to 2,640 watts of roof-mounted solar (including the solar awning) on the Max.

Living Vehicle camper exterior
Living Vehicle camper exterior | Living Vehicle

All Max models now come with the Max HD package, which has the heavy-duty axels and a complete chassis and running gear redesign. This update handles the added electrical system weight, which also offers more cargo capacity, according to Expedition Portal. The Max trim starts at $289,995.

Pro trim

Lastly, we have the top-tier trim, the Pro Living Vehicle. This trim has all the gizmos, gadgets, max capacity, and higher power output capabilities. While every trim level is beautifully and luxuriously equipped with interior furnishings, the Pro has every appliance, the highest climate control ratings, and auto-leveling when on uneven terrain.

Living Vehicle is an incredible camper that can charge your EV
Tesla being charged by solar power banks on the LV | Living Vehicle

The Pro has a 3,080-watt solar panel array, allowing for an abundance of power to run all the appliances and the two EV rapid-charge ports. This rolling Plaza Hotel starts at a whopping $369,995. 

The camper game has officially changed. Welcome to the new era.