Off-Road UTV Market Won’t Slow Down Anytime Soon, Study Says

Off-roading is popular. Some people like to build off-road rigs from their daily drivers to go off-roading. Others like to take ATVs and UTVs off-road. Still, others need to use ATVs or UTVs for work. Well, Delaware Market Study Report LLC, is a company that aggregates data from different market segments, and they recently released information regarding the off-road UTV segment that shows its popularity.

Two people drive an ATV off-road through a muddy creek.
Off-roading requires the right vehicle | Serhii Hudak/ Ukrinform/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The summary of the report

In a press release this morning, the company provided a summary of the off-road market segment. They said,

“The proliferating significance of enhanced mobility vehicles for agricultural & construction activities is propelling the UTV market share over the study timeframe. The replacement of existing vehicles with modern utility vehicles offering increased durability and reliability will further augment the market demand.”

A side-by-side ATV is pulling a small trailer with hay.
The 2020 Ranger XP 1000 by Polaris | Polaris Inc.

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Off-road ATVs and UTVs are getting better

The press release also calls out that stringent regulations are impacting the off-road vehicles with greater safety measures. These off-road vehicles are also becoming easier and comfortable to use. So, those factors are becoming more appealing, even in agricultural settings, such as farms, ranches, etc..

“North America will continue to dominate the UTV market owing to the presence of numerous adventure trails and clubs. The rapid urbanization in conjunction with the growing construction activities is driving the demand for utility terrain vehicles across the region. Proliferating recreational activities coupled with rising disposable income are providing a positive outlook for market expansion.”

Additionally, the report continues,

“The availability of numerous camping destinations provides potential opportunities for adventure enthusiasts to participate in recreational activities. Off-road racing events and championships are gaining a higher visibility in the market.”

Two lumberjacks work on fallen trees by their off-road, side-by-side Ranger XP 1000.
The 2020 Ranger XP 1000 by Polaris | Polaris Inc.

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The military is adopting off-road ATVs and UTVs

The study anticipates that even the military will continue to grow its UTV fleet. Advanced side-by-sides will be increasingly in need to be used for tactical and combat missions. UTVs offer rapid response capability as well for special operations and expeditionary forces.

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The overall picture of the market

This information does not come as a surprise. The off-road segment is popular among our readers too. Our own examination of what our readers like shows a growing number of people want information about the industry that supports upfitting vehicles for the torture of off-road travels. It also shows that many of our readers want more information on ATVs and UTVs. Additionally, we have heard it loud and clear that pickup trucks and SUVs are getting too expensive. So, our readers are looking to less expensive alternatives for their weekend off-road activities, such as those ATVs and UTVs.

A rider on a Can-Am Renegade ATV
Can-Am Renegade ATV | Dan Istitene/Getty Images

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In a nutshell, the market for off-road vehicles will continue to grow through 2025 as people, and industry, engage with the outdoors to a greater degree. So, consumers can expect to see more off-road vehicle offerings that are safer, more comfortable, and easier to drive. Also expected is the continuing rise of supporting industries such as more trailhead development, greater off-road motorsports coverage, etc.. Overall, the picture of growth looks pretty rosy for the ATV and UTV segment.