Think Twice Before Buying A Chrysler Pacifica

The 2020 Chrysler Pacific seems like a good minivan option for families or buyers who like to have that extra cargo space, but it’s not the best minivan on the market, and in fact, you should think twice before you buy one. There are some recalls with the car as well as some other concerning problems, and it doesn’t stack up well against the competition. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t buy a Chrysler Pacifica…but you should definitely think about buying something else.

The Chrysler Pacifica

The Crysler Pacific is a family-oriented minivan that doesn’t have a ton of options but makes due within its price range. You can buy the new 2020 model year for between $34,045 and $45,845 fully loaded, which isn’t a bad price, but it doesn’t necessarily compare well to direct competitors like the Honda Odyssey.

burgundy 2020 Honda Odyssey driving along a shoreside roadway
2020 Honda Odyssey | Honda

It might seem like the Pacific doesn’t have much going for it, but consumers claim that it does offer a pleasant driving experience. It doesn’t have the luxury suspension of some high-end Mercedes-Benz, but it does drive smoothly and the cabin is well-insulated from road noise.

There has been one recall so for on the 2020 model year, and it’s more of an annoying inconvenience than a hazard. You don’t have to worry about suddenly developing death wobble or anything too serious, but the wiring in the Pacific does sometimes cause the rearview camera to stay engaged. This means that as you are driving, your infotainment screen is showing what is going on behind you, and this can be potentially distracting to drivers.

This isn’t the first time there have been electrical problems with the Pacifica, which leads us to believe it will follow the same pattern as previous years, but only time will tell.

It comes with some surprising problems

When you are buying a minivan, chances are you intend on driving around a surplus of passengers on a somewhat regular basis – because if you wanted cargo space you probably would look at trucks. When it comes to a family vehicle, however, the most important component is usually safety and reliability, and the Chrysler Pacific really lacks in these areas.

Honda Odyssey touring elite trim interior
The cavernous and sophisticated interior of the ever-wise Honda Odyssey

The 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Does Poorly in a Major Category

Older models of Pacifica also had some questionable problems, like electrical problems and the transmission – and that’s just the issues that affect safety. Owners have complained about faulty infotainment systems, CD player malfunctions (yes, they still had CD players this late in the game). The last model year and this model year haven’t had as many problems, but they still suffer from electrical problems and some recalls.

The Chrysler Pacific isn’t necessarily a bad minivan, it just also isn’t very great. If you can get past the questionable reliability and slight inconveniences, the Pacifica might be the car for you. Otherwise, you should probably look at any other minivan on the market today.