What are Some of the Best Car Infotainment Systems?

Aside from the car’s actual engine, infotainment systems are essentially at the core of new cars in the advancing digital age. The makings of a great infotainment system range from phone connectivity capabilities to added frills like music streaming, internet access, and navigation features.

Like other aspects of car shopping, finding the ideal infotainment option for you can be overwhelming. To help you with your search, we have narrowed down the list of best available infotainment options for this year so far.


Hyundai’s BlueLink is not the fanciest but it does well with the features it has. Newer Hyundai models with BlueLink support both Apple and Android devices, auxiliary and USB connections, and has navigation as an added on option. Higher trims also include wireless phone charging capabilities. The available Hyundai touchscreens are either seven or eight inches. The screen graphics are at a lower quality but the BlueLink system is an extremely efficient option.  


The Kia UVO System offers a more simplified version of infotainment compared to its relative, Hyundai. The touchscreen and corresponding analog commands are very user friendly and compatible with Amazon Alexa, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay on newer models. 


Tesla’s infotainment system matches the car company’s overall reputation for big tech innovations. The car company has prioritized upgraded infotainment for its newer models and there’s even the option to upgrade models from 2018 or earlier with the latest interior technology. Newer models come with a whopping 17-inch touchscreen that basically controls the entire car cabin and recently the gage dashboard is digital too.


Volkswagen’s Car-Net offers a wide variety of infotainment. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard along with a 6.5-inch touchscreen. There’s Bluetooth connectivity, USB, and auxiliary ports; if you’re attached to your CDs you can opt for the 8-inch system that comes with a CD player and satellite radio. The display interface overall is easy to read but you’ll have to clean it often to keep fingerprints or any signs of debris to maintain that visibility.


Chevy’s MyLink system is super user friendly and intuitive. The interface is clear and easy to read. MyLink has standard features like Amazon Alexa and supports Apple and Android devices.  It comes with a built-in wifi hotspot that can connect seven devices at a time. MyLink vehicles also have the GM Marketplace feature which lets you order food, coffee, or even reserves a hotel all from your dashboard.


Mazda Connect has been a solid infotainment option for years but it has been mildly disappointing due to the lack of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity. With its new models, the carmaker is now introducing both Apple and Android connectivity, even back to its older models from 2014. Depending on the model, there are 7 or 8-inch touch screens available, and the touch interface can also be accessed by a knob within the center console.

Mazda Connect also has a wide variety of standard radio features including Aha, Pandora, and other Stitcher Internet options. Satellite Radio and navigation options are available based on model trims.