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Washington DC Ploice officers drag race then crash police cars

DC Police Drag Race Then Total Two Patrol Cars

Without exception when we see headlines about street racing we know it doesn't involve the police. So we're more than surprised to discover two DC Police cruisers crashed after drag racing each other through a residential neighborhood.
A black 2020 Police Interceptor Utility vehicle with its lights on travels on a highway entrance ramp

This 2021 Ford Police Interceptor Can Withstand an ‘Extreme’ Impact

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility — based on its civilian counterpart, the Explorer SUV — is the most popular law enforcement vehicle. It’s been working on police forces nationwide since it began replacing the iconic Crown Victoria as the cop car of choice.  Arguably a big part of its appeal is Ford’s claim the Police Interceptor …

Is It True That Cops Like to Eat Donuts in Their Cars?

Like a doctor to a stethoscope and lumberjack to his ax, cops and donuts have gone hand-in-hand as a famous pairing for decades. And while it’s easy to poke fun at the police force for it, we had to wonder where the stereotype came from and if it is indeed true that cops like to …
La Habra police officer Jason Coleman issues a speeding citation using a e-citation machine on Monday.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say When You Get Pulled Over

Getting pulled over by a police officer is one of the most inconvenient and infuriating things that can happen while driving. And while it’s easy to lose your temper when you do get pulled over, especially when you’re not sure what you did wrong, it’s typically best to hide your emotions and comply with what …
An image of a police officer handing out a speeding ticket.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Pay Your Speeding Ticket Immediately

Nothing shocks the system quite like a set of red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror. If you couldn’t talk your way out of a citation, don’t worry, speeding tickets are quite common. However, just because you receive one doesn’t mean you should jump the gun and pay it. In most cases, paying the …
2020 Dodge Charger Pursuit and 2020 Dodge Durango Pursuit on a bridge in the city

The 2021 Dodge Charger Pursuit Police Car Is Finally Adding Needed Standard Features

Police cars need to be very versatile, as cops need to do a wide range of tasks with their car. In some places, the police have bought luxury sports cars to catch high-speed criminals, but most cop cars are pretty ordinary. That said, they aren’t the same as regular cars, and they were missing a few standard features, too. How cop cars …
2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit

Deputies in Hot Water For Drag Racing Squad Cars at Track

A night at the race track can be a fun time for a community. Many friends and family gather together, and some actually race their cars. This all happens within the confines of safety teams at the strip, and police security teams around the track. However, the crowds are not the only ones that like …
Hyundai Nexo Police Car

Hyundai Kona Electric Police Car?

Police forces around the world are increasingly looking at becoming greener. But, they also do not want to sacrifice requirements they already have to do so. So, in addition to adding solar panels to their buildings, and improving recycling programs, a lot of the world’s precincts are identifying their choice of squad cars as a possible …
1973 Tochigi Ford Mustang Mach 1 police car

To Protect and Drift: The Japanese Mustang Mach 1 Police Car

Cops have to match their wheels to their environment. In US cities, for a long time, that meant the ultra-durable Crown Vic. In more rural areas, that might mean a pickup truck or an SUV. For Dubai and its concentrated supercar population, that means other supercars. In Italy during the 1960s, police got Ferraris. You’d …
1962 Ferrari 250 GTE police car

Not Even the Dubai PD Owns This Classic Ferrari Police Car

Police cars come in all shapes and sizes. While the quintessential US cop car is the Ford Crown Victoria, police departments have used a variety of vehicles to fulfill their duties. Pickup trucks, Jeep Cherokees, and BMW M5s have all been brought in to protect and serve. The Dubai police’s fleet, though, includes high-end supercars …
1997 Jeep Cherokee Police Group 4x4

It’s Not Just Explorers: Police Used Jeep Cherokees Too

Back in the 60s, police cars weren’t terribly different from civilian ones. Today, though, the cops have access to specially-prepped trucks and SUVs. The F-150, Silverado, Explorer, and even (in the UK) Ranger Raptor have all been pressed and modified for police service. But, at times, ordinary citizens have been able to pick up ‘police …