2019 Ford F-650 crew cab
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The Ford F-650 Is The Ultimate Super Truck

If you’re a fan of Ford trucks, there is no doubt you’ve had an F-150 or dream of seeing one in your driveway. They are reliable, practical, and the newest generation is better looking than ever, but it’s not the only truck Ford has to offer. There is something in the Ford lineup that looks …

Ford F-650
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$150,000 Can Get You the Closest Thing to a Ford Monster Truck

Automakers have created some big and expensive trucks before. Mercedes turned the G-Wagen into a 6-wheeled pickup. Rtech Fabrications turns classic Chevy pickups into 8’-tall, 21’-long bro-dozers. And even when the manufacturers don’t modify the trucks, tuners will. Hennessey took a page from Mercedes and made a 6-wheeled F-150 Raptor. Long McArthur Ford has also …