The 2018 Ford F-650 SuperCab Super Duty pickup truck model hauling an old classic car model on a trailer
2018 Ford F-650 SuperCab | The Ford Motor Company

The Ford F-650 is a commercial medium-duty work truck model produced and sold by the Ford Motor Company. The F-650 exists within the Ford F-Series but above the Ford Super Duty lineup of heavy-duty pickup trucks and chassis cabs. The Ford F-650 and Ford F-750 work trucks are the largest vehicles currently produced by the Ford Motor Company.

Ford’s production of F-Series medium-duty work trucks has been around since 1948. However, the Ford F-650 nameplate didn’t appear until the seventh generation of the lineup starting in 2000, premiering alongside the F-750 to replace the outgoing Ford F-800 model. With the Ford F-Series currently in its eighth generation of medium-duty work trucks, the Ford F-650 is offered in two-door, four-door, and SuperCab configurations. The size and capabilities of the F-650 are usually paired with jobs concerning landscaping, construction, demolition, utilities, freight, snowplowing, refrigeration, and armored transport.

Previous American automotive rivals of the Ford F-650 included the Chevrolet Kodiak and the GMC Top Kick. Its remaining competitors include the Isuzu N-Series and the MACK MD Series.

About Ford

  • 2022 Ford F-650 (Starting MSRP $59,525)
  • Pros: The Ford F-650 commercial medium-duty work truck offers the same customizable nature and multiple powertrain options as the F-550 but with significantly more power, durability, and capabilities. Additionally, it provides a quieter and more comfortable cabin compared to its competitors.
  • Cons: Pricing for the F-650 is immense, and its size and capabilities are useless to everyday drivers. As for those in the market for a work truck of this size, the Ford F-650 lacks the power and longevity of some rivals.
  • See Also: F-Series and F-450 and F-550

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