The Ford F-650 Is The Ultimate Super Truck

If you’re a fan of Ford trucks, there is no doubt you’ve had an F-150 or dream of seeing one in your driveway. They are reliable, practical, and the newest generation is better looking than ever, but it’s not the only truck Ford has to offer. There is something in the Ford lineup that looks something like a street-legal monster truck, and you can buy one for about $150,000. At that price, and for how rare these trucks are, you might even call the Ford F-650 a super truck.

The F-650 super truck

The F-650 might not be a bona fide monster truck, but in the way of trucks you can drive on the road, it comes pretty close. The F-650 is one of the most expensive vehicles in Ford’s lineup, going head to head with the company’s supercar, the Ford GT. With the Ford F-150 truck being the best selling vehicle in America, it’s hard to imagine that it’s stalkier cousin, the F-650 is almost unheard of. Outside of industrial use and for business, there isn’t a reason to own this oversized super truck, and for the high price, it isn’t something you would casually buy.

A red Ford F-650 SuperTruck side
Ford F-650 SuperTruck | SuperTruck

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The cab of the F-650 looks like it could belong to a semi-truck but instead found its way into the general consumer market. The F-650 isn’t even the most massive truck in the Ford F-series lineup, it’s just the largest one available for public consumer use, while you might see the F-750 attached to a commercial vehicle. If it wasn’t designed for business use, why would you want such an incredibly oversized truck?

A shockingly dull interior

The F-650 may cost an arm and a leg — and possibly a few vital organs — but for $150,000 you won’t see much luxury in the cabin. In fact, the lower model F-series trucks have trim levels that offer much more for much less, but, of course, they aren’t the size of a monster truck. While that may seem like a total let down, it might work to the vehicle’s overall purpose. You can take it off-road, get out in the mud, and not have to worry about ruining expensive Alcantara wrapped seats. The F-650 wasn’t designed to be a luxury truck, but instead is a beast of utility and practicality.

Ford F-650 SuperTruck interior front
Ford F-650 SuperTruck interior front | SuperTruck

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As you might imagine from these large vehicles, under the hood is one of two available diesel engines, and neither provide an impressive amount of horsepower or fuel economy. There is something interesting about owning a car that looks like the big bully on the road, but for the price chances are you’re going to buy something a lot cooler — unless you really want a Ford truck worth $150,000.