The 2017 Ford F-550 F-Series Super Duty truck with a construction crane attachment parked in a suburban neighborhood
2017 Ford F-550 F-Series Super Duty | The Ford Motor Company

The Ford F-550 is a chassis cab truck model produced and sold by the Ford Motor Company. The F-550 is part of the Ford Super Duty lineup and, along with the Ford F-350, F-450, F-550, and F-600 nameplates, have chassis cab build options. However, while the Ford F-350 and Ford F-450 nameplates are also offered as pickup trucks, the Ford F-550 and Ford F-600 are only offered as chassis cabs.

The Ford F-550 nameplate didn’t appear in the Ford catalog until Ford created the Super Duty lineup of heavy-duty trucks in 1998. However, it did have many predecessors and inspirations from the history of Ford F-Series pickups. As a chassis cab model, the Ford F-550 can add aftermarket equipment and conversion kits to customize its payload. Transformed Ford F-550 models have been converted and used as ambulances, mobile cranes, dump trucks, fire trucks, and various recreational vehicles.

Now on the fourth generation of the Super Duty lineup, the Ford F-550 features competition from the Chevrolet Silverado 5500 and the Ram 5500.

About Ford

  • 2022 Ford F-550 (Starting MSRP $41,865)
  • Pros: The standard engine option of the Ford F-550 is packed with power, and it offers a turbo-diesel powertrain that almost doubles its torque. Additionally, the chassis cab can be left as-is for hauling heavy equipment or outfitted for specific tasks.
  • Cons: Only available as a chassis cab model and not as a Super Duty pickup truck, the F-550 is designed purely for function, which means it’s mostly devoid of notable features. Additionally, aftermarket installations for specific functions will add a lot to the cost.
  • See Also: F-Series and F-450 and F-650

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