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Image of a dashcam in a car.

Teslacams Prove Dashcams Can Save You on Insurance Claims

Dashcams may seem like techy treats for geeks. The reality, however, is that dashcams are proving their worth repeatedly. So much so, that it has reached the point now where some cars come equipped with the devices from the factory. For a good reason, determining the facts about what happened in any given roadway incident is not …
Motorcyclist hits jersey wall and then flies over railing.

Motorcycle Rider Hits Barrier, Flies Over Railing

Imagine you are minding your own business during your commute from work. Imagine someone switches lanes in front of you kind of quickly. Not hard to imagine, right? It happens every day for some of us. Now imagine that the person that switched lanes in front of you is a motorcyclist that, for whatever reason, got distracted in performing …
A dashcam installed on an Uber driver's windshield

Reason to Own A Dashcam

Dashcams are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s world. That’s because it is good to have a credible record of what happens in any given situation. In some situations, having a video recording device like a dashcam or GoPro can be invaluable. Here are a few good reasons to have one running in your …