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Car security is just as important as home security, and the folks at Ring know this. The Ring Car Cam provides the type of security that we have all come to expect from the brand; only it’s on your car’s dashboard and not your front porch. Two years after making the initial announcement, Ring is finally starting to ship orders of the Car Cam on February 15, but you can pre-order yours now for a cheaper price.

What is the Ring Car Cam?

Ring Car Cam
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The Ring Car Cam is a dual-facing camera unit that you install in the middle of your car’s dashboard to keep it secure. It obviously does double duty as a normal dash cam, as it can record your drives and will come in handy in the case of an accident. However, the Ring Car Cam really does its best work at night time, which is when cars are most likely to be stolen.

The Ring Car Cam records the interior and exterior of your car, so if a car thief enters your car, you’ll receive an alert on your phone, and you’ll be able to see inside the car. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to talk to the person through the Car Cam, as long as it’s connected to your home’s Wi-Fi connection.

If you don’t want the Car Cam to record the inside of your vehicle, you can flip up a privacy cover on the screen, and it will mute the microphone and stop recording. However, it will still record the exterior view of the car and act as a standard dashcam.

The data that the Car Cam receives can be uploaded to a cloud-based server for easy access – with a subscription – and recording highlights from your drive is done by simply saying, “Alexa, record!”

Installing the Ring Car Cam is easy

Installing the Ring Car Cam is a plug-and-play affair. Simply plug one end of the supplied power cord into the camera and the other end of it into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. The wire can then be tucked into the dashboard’s crevices for a clean installation, and the camera easily mounts to the windshield and dashboard.

After the physical installation is done, you can set up the software on the app on your smartphone and even connect it to your Ring doorbell camera.

How much does the Ring Car Cam cost?

The retail price of the Ring Car Cam is $249, and it can be ordered from Amazon. However, if you want a little discount, you can pre-order the Car Cam now for $200. Additionally, the monthly subscription – called Ring Protect Go — is $6 a month, which gives you cloud storage and the ability to download and share your video files.

Overall, this new Ring Car Cam is an easy and secure way to add a dash cam to your car without needing to fiddle with too many wires. One caveat, though, is that it can only be installed in cars with the OBD port on the left side of the dashboard. Check out this list on the Ring website to see which cars are incompatible with the Car Cam.